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1    a food made from a dough of flour or meal mixed with water or milk, usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked  
2    necessary food; nourishment  
give us our daily bread     
3       a slang word for       money  
4      (Christianity)   a small loaf, piece of bread, or wafer of unleavened bread used in the Eucharist  
5    bread and circuses   something offered as a means of distracting attention from a problem or grievance  
6    break bread      See       break       46  
7    cast one's bread upon the waters   to do good without expectation of advantage or return  
8    to know which side one's bread is buttered   to know what to do in order to keep one's advantages  
9    take the bread out of (someone's) mouth   to deprive (someone) of a livelihood  
10    tr   to cover with breadcrumbs before cooking  
breaded veal     
     (Old English bread; related to Old Norse braud, Old Frisian brad, Old High German brot)  

      n     (N.Z.)   bread baked in a billy over a camp fire  
black bread  
      n   a kind of very dark coarse rye bread  
bread and butter   Informal  
1    a means of support or subsistence; livelihood  
the inheritance was their bread and butter     
a    providing a basic means of subsistence  
a bread-and-butter job     
b    solid, reliable, or practical  
a bread-and-butter player     
c    expressing gratitude, as for hospitality (esp. in the phrase bread-and-butter letter)  
bread mould   , black mould  
      n   a black saprotrophic zygomycete fungus, Rhizopus nigricans, occurring on decaying bread and vegetable matter  
bread sauce  
      n   a milk sauce thickened with breadcrumbs and served with roast poultry, esp. chicken  
corn bread  
      n   a kind of bread made from maize meal,   (Also called)    Indian bread  
French bread  
      n   white bread in a long slender loaf that is made from a water dough and has a crisp brown crust  
gluten bread  
      n   bread made from flour containing a high proportion of gluten  
Indian bread  
      n      another name for       corn bread  
laver bread  
      n   laver seaweed fried as a breakfast food; popular in Wales  
monkey bread  
1    the gourdlike fruit of the baobab tree  
2    monkey bread tree      another name for       baobab  
nan bread   , naan  
      n   (in Indian cookery) a slightly leavened bread in a large flat leaf shape  
     (from Hindi)  
pitta bread   , pitta  
      n   a flat rounded slightly leavened bread, originally from the Middle East, with a hollow inside like a pocket, which can be filled with food,   (Also called)    Arab bread, Greek bread  
     (from Modern Greek: a cake)  
rye bread  
      n   any of various breads made entirely or partly from rye flour, often with caraway seeds  
Saint John's bread  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St John's bread      another name for       carob       2  
     (C16: so called because its beans were thought to be the ``locusts'' that John the Baptist ate in the desert)  
soda bread  
      n   a type of bread leavened with sodium bicarbonate combined with milk and cream of tartar  
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1    aliment, diet, fare, food, necessities, nourishment, nutriment, provisions, subsistence, sustenance, viands, victuals  
2      (slang)   ackers     (slang)   brass     (Northern English dialect)   cash, dibs     (slang)   dosh     (Brit. & Austral. slang)   dough     (slang)   finance, funds, money, necessary     (informal)   needful     (informal)   rhino     (Brit. slang)   shekels     (informal)   silver, spondulicks     (slang)   tin     (slang)  

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best (or greatest) thing since sliced bread id.
Used to express one's enthusiasm about a new person, or a new thing such as an idea, plan, invention or innovation
The way she goes on about him!; you'd think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread / Wow! this video game is the best thing since sliced bread!

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regional term for flat white bread roll, other terms are bap, batch, cob
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