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1    a crack, break, or rupture  
2    a breaking, infringement, or violation of a promise, obligation, etc  
3    any severance or separation  
there was a breach between the two factions of the party     
4    the act of a whale in breaking clear of the water  
5    the breaking of sea waves on a shore or rock  
6       an obsolete word for       wound   1  
7    tr   to break through or make an opening, hole, or incursion in  
8    tr   to break a promise, law, etc  
9    intr   (of a whale) to break clear of the water  
     (Old English bræc; influenced by Old French brèche, from Old High German brecha, from brechan to break)  

breach of promise  
      n     (Law)   (formerly) failure to carry out one's promise to marry  
breach of the peace  
      n     (Law)   an offence against public order causing an unnecessary disturbance of the peace  
breach of trust  
      n     (Law)   a violation of duty by a trustee or any other person in a fiduciary  
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1    aperture, break, chasm, cleft, crack, fissure, gap, hole, opening, rent, rift, rupture, split  
2    contravention, disobedience, infraction, infringement, noncompliance, nonobservance, offence, transgression, trespass, violation  
3    alienation, difference, disaffection, disagreement, dissension, division, estrangement, falling-out     (informal)   parting of the ways, quarrel, schism, separation, severance, variance  
2    adherence to, attention, compliance, discharge, fulfilment, heeding, honouring, observation, performance  

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