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brake shoe


1    the curved metal casting to which the brake lining is riveted in a drum brake  
2    the curved metal casting together with the attached brake lining,   (Sometimes (for both senses) shortened to)    shoe  
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brake          [1]  
a    often pl   a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle, wheel, shaft, etc., or for keeping it stationary, esp. by means of friction  
   See also       drum brake       disc brake       hydraulic brake       air brake       handbrake  
b    (as modifier)  
the brake pedal     
2    a machine or tool for crushing or breaking flax or hemp to separate the fibres  
3      (Also called)    brake harrow   a heavy harrow for breaking up clods  
4       short for       brake van  
5       short for       shooting brake  
6      (Also spelt)    break   an open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage  
7    an obsolete word for the rack (an instrument of torture)  
8    to slow down or cause to slow down, by or as if by using a brake  
9    tr   to crush or break up using a brake  
     (C18: from Middle Dutch braeke; related to breken to break)  
  brakeless      adj  

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      n   check, constraint, control, curb, rein, restraint  
      vb   check, decelerate, halt, moderate, reduce speed, slacken, slow, stop  

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brake, brake, brake, brake

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wait for something, usually linked to a previous event, to happen; expect something that can not be avoided to happen
in American English, 'dirt' is what British people call 'soil' ('put some dirt in a plant pot'). In British English, dirt has the connotation of being dirty ('you've got some dirt on your shoe')
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