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      pl n     (Brit)   a pair of straps worn over the shoulders by men for holding up the trousers,   (U.S. and Canadian word)    suspenders  
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1      (In full)    hand brace   a hand tool for drilling holes, with a socket to hold the drill at one end and a cranked handle by which the tool can be turned  
   See also       brace and bit  
2    something that steadies, binds, or holds up another thing  
3    a structural member, such as a beam or prop, used to stiffen a framework  
4    a sliding loop, usually of leather, attached to the cords of a drum: used to change its tension  
5    a pair; two, esp. of game birds  
a brace of partridges     
6    either of a pair of characters, <lcb> <rcb>, used for connecting lines of printing or writing or as a third sign of aggregation in complex mathematical or logical expressions that already contain parentheses and square brackets  
7      (Also called)    accolade   a line or bracket connecting two or more staves of music  
8    often pl   an appliance of metal bands and wires that can be tightened to maintain steady pressure on the teeth for correcting uneven alignment  
9      (Med)   any of various appliances for supporting the trunk or a limb  
10       another word for       bracer   2  
11    (in square-rigged sailing ships) a rope that controls the movement of a yard and thus the position of a sail  
12       See       braces  
      vb   mainly tr  
13    to provide, strengthen, or fit with a brace  
14    to steady or prepare (oneself or something) as before an impact  
15    also intr   to stimulate; freshen; invigorate  
sea air is bracing     
16    to control the horizontal movement of (the yards of a square-rigged sailing ship)  
     (C14: from Old French: the two arms, from Latin bracchia arms)  

bib and brace  
      n   a work garment consisting of trousers and an upper front part supported by straps over the shoulders  
brace and bit  
      n   a hand tool for boring holes, consisting of a cranked handle into which a drilling bit is inserted  
thorough brace  
      n     (Chiefly U.S)   either of two strong leather straps upon which the body of certain types of carriage is supported  
  thorough-braced      adj  

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      n   bolster, bracer, bracket, buttress, prop, reinforcement, stanchion, stay, strut, support, truss  
      vb   bandage, bind, bolster, buttress, fasten, fortify, hold up, prop, reinforce, shove, shove up, steady, strap, strengthen, support, tie, tighten  

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