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bomb site


      n   an area where the buildings have been destroyed by bombs  
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a    a hollow projectile containing explosive, incendiary, or other destructive substance, esp. one carried by aircraft  
b    (as modifier)  
bomb disposal, a bomb bay     
c    (in combination)  
a bombload, bombproof     
2    any container filled with explosive  
a car bomb, a letter bomb     
3    the bomb   a hydrogen or atomic bomb considered as the ultimate destructive weapon  
4    a round or pear-shaped mass of volcanic rock, solidified from molten lava that has been thrown into the air  
5      (Med)   a container for radioactive material, applied therapeutically to any part of the body  
a cobalt bomb     
6      (Brit)  
slang   a large sum of money (esp. in the phrase make a bomb)  
7      (U.S. and Canadian)  
slang   a disastrous failure  
the new play was a total bomb     
8      (Austral. and N.Z.)  
slang   an old or dilapidated motorcar  
9      (American football)   a very long high pass  
10    like a bomb     (Brit. and N.Z.)  
informal   with great speed or success; very well (esp. in the phrase go like a bomb)  
11    to attack with or as if with a bomb or bombs; drop bombs (on)  
12    intr; often foll by: off, along, etc  
Informal   to move or drive very quickly  
13    intr  
Slang     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   to fail disastrously; be a flop  
the new play bombed         See also       bomb out  
     (C17: from French bombe, from Italian bomba, probably from Latin bombus a booming sound, from Greek bombos, of imitative origin; compare Old Norse bumba drum)  

      n      short for       atomic bomb  
atomic bomb   , atom bomb  
      n   a type of bomb in which the energy is provided by nuclear fission. Uranium-235 and plutonium-239 are the isotopes most commonly used in atomic bombs,   (Also called)    A-bomb, fission bomb      Compare       fusion bomb  
bomb calorimeter  
      n     (Chem)   a device for determining heats of combustion by igniting a sample in a high pressure of oxygen in a sealed vessel and measuring the resulting rise in temperature: used for measuring the calorific value of foods  
bomb out  
      vb   adv; tr, usually passive   to make homeless by bombing  
24 families in this street have been bombed out     
bomb site  
      n   an area where the buildings have been destroyed by bombs  
borer bomb  
      n     (N.Z.)   a device that emits pesticide fumes  
buzz bomb  
      n      another name for the       V-1  
cluster bomb  
      n   a bomb that throws out a number of smaller bombs or antipersonnel projectiles when it explodes  
cobalt bomb  
1    a cobalt-60 device used in radiotherapy  
2    a nuclear weapon consisting of a hydrogen bomb encased in cobalt, which releases large quantities of radioactive cobalt-60 into the atmosphere  
      vb   tr   to bomb (a target) using or in the manner of a dive bomber  
fission bomb  
      n   a bomb in which the energy is supplied by nuclear fission  
   See       atomic bomb  
fission-fusion bomb  
      n      another name for       fusion bomb  
flying bomb  
      n      another name for the       V-1  
fusion bomb  
      n   a type of bomb in which most of the energy is provided by nuclear fusion, esp. the fusion of hydrogen isotopes,   (Also called)    thermonuclear bomb, fission-fusion bomb      See also       hydrogen bomb  
      n      short for       hydrogen bomb  
hydrogen bomb  
      n   a type of bomb in which energy is released by fusion of hydrogen nuclei to give helium nuclei. The energy required to initiate the fusion is provided by the detonation of an atomic bomb, which is surrounded by a hydrogen-containing substance such as lithium deuteride,   (Also called)    H-bomb      See also       fusion bomb  
letter bomb  
      n   a thin explosive device inside an envelope, detonated when the envelope is opened  
logic bomb  
      n     (Computing)   an unauthorized program that is inserted into a computer system; when activated it interferes with the operation of the computer  
Mills bomb  
      n   a type of high-explosive hand grenade  
     (C20: named after Sir William Mills (1856--1932), English inventor)  
nail bomb  
      n   an explosive device containing nails, used by terrorists to cause serious injuries in crowded situations  
neutron bomb  
      n   a type of nuclear weapon designed to provide a high yield of neutrons but to cause little blast or long-lived radioactive contamination. The neutrons destroy all life in the target area, which theoretically can be entered relatively soon after the attack,   (Technical name)    enhanced radiation weapon  
nuclear bomb  
      n   a bomb whose force is due to uncontrolled nuclear fusion or nuclear fission  
petrol bomb  
1    a home-made incendiary device, consisting of a bottle filled with petrol and stoppered with a wick, that is thrown by hand; Molotov cocktail  
  petrol-bomb   tr  
2    to attack with petrol bombs  
  petrol bomber      n  
plastic bomb  
      n   a bomb consisting of an adhesive jelly-like explosive fitted around a detonator  
robot bomb  
      n      another name for the       V-1  
smoke bomb  
      n   a device that emits large quantities of smoke when ignited  
stink bomb  
      n   a small glass globe, used by practical jokers: it releases a liquid with an offensive smell when broken  
thermonuclear bomb  
      n      another name for       fusion bomb  
time bomb  
      n   a bomb containing a timing mechanism that determines the time at which it will detonate  
volcanic bomb  
      n      See       bomb       4  

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      n   bombshell, charge, device, explosive, grenade, mine, missile, projectile, rocket, shell, torpedo  
      vb   attack, blow sky-high, blow up, bombard, destroy, shell, strafe, torpedo  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
make a sensational announcement
[Fig.] E.g.: Today's newspapers dropped a bomb about the President's past.
a website that did not undergo any change for a long period of time
internet site allowing to view TV programs after their broadcast allowing targeted advertisement. Requires high-speed internet connexion
way of traveling in which you go from one apartment to another usually sleeping on a couch, and either at friends, acquaintances or through a web site
The non-gaming internet shop refers to a place where the game sites are blocked or not installed on all computer units.
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