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blow out


      vb   adv  
1    to extinguish (a flame, candle, etc.) or (of a flame, candle, etc.) to become extinguished  
2    intr   (of a tyre) to puncture suddenly, esp. at high speed  
3    intr   (of a fuse) to melt suddenly  
4    tr; often reflexive   to diminish or use up the energy of  
the storm blew itself out     
5    intr   (of an oil or gas well) to lose oil or gas in an uncontrolled manner  
6    tr  
Slang   to cancel  
the band had to blow out the gig     
7    blow one's brains out   to kill oneself by shooting oneself in the head  
8    the sudden melting of an electrical fuse  
9    a sudden burst in a tyre  
10    the uncontrolled escape of oil or gas from an oil or gas well  
11    the failure of a jet engine, esp. when in flight  
12    Slang   a large filling meal or lavish entertainment  
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1    blast, detonation, eruption, explosion  
2    break, burst, escape, flat, flat tyre, fuse, leak, puncture, rupture, tear  
3    beano     (Brit. slang)   binge     (informal)   carousal, carouse, feast, hooley or hoolie     (chiefly Irish & N.Z.)   party, rave     (Brit. slang)   rave-up     (Brit. slang)   spree  

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