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1    a small bubble-like elevation of the skin filled with serum, produced as a reaction to a burn, mechanical irritation, etc  
2    a swelling containing air or liquid, as on a painted surface  
3    a transparent dome or any bulge on the fuselage of an aircraft, such as one used for observation  
4    Slang   an irritating person  
5      (N.Z.)  
slang   a rebuke  
6    to have or cause to have blisters  
7    tr   to attack verbally with great scorn or sarcasm  
     (C13: from Old French blestre, probably from Middle Dutch bluyster blister; see blast)  
  blistered      adj  
  blistery      adj  

blister beetle  
      n   any beetle of the family Meloidae, many of which produce a secretion that blisters the skin  
   See also       Spanish fly  
blister copper  
      n   an impure form of copper having a blister-like surface due to the release of gas during cooling  
blister pack  
      n   a type of packet in which small items are displayed and sold, consisting of a transparent dome of plastic or similar material mounted on a firm backing such as cardboard,   (Also called)    bubble pack  
blister rust  
      n   a disease of certain pines caused by rust fungi of the genus Cronartium, causing swellings on the bark from which orange masses of spores are released  
fever blister   , sore  
      n      another name for       cold sore  
water blister  
      n   a blister containing watery or serous fluid, without any blood or pus  
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abscess, blain, bleb, boil, bubble, canker, carbuncle, cyst, furuncle     (Pathology)   pimple, pustule, sore, swelling, ulcer, welt, wen  

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