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1    having or involving two sides  
2    affecting or undertaken by two parties; mutual  
a bilateral treaty     
3    denoting or relating to bilateral symmetry  
4    having identical sides or parts on each side of an axis; symmetrical  
5      (Sociol)   relating to descent through both maternal and paternal lineage  
   Compare       unilateral       5  
6      (Brit)   relating to an education that combines academic and technical courses  
  bilaterally      adv  

bilateral symmetry  
      n   the property of an organism or part of an organism such that, if cut in only one plane, the two cut halves are mirror images of each other  
   See also       radial symmetry  
bilateral trade  
      n   a system of trading between two countries in which each country attempts to balance its trade with that of the other  
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Mydriasis Unilateral : because medication, loss of Eye inervation . Bilateral profound pupillary areflexia isssen in very profound Coma , Cardiac Arrest or in Death
medical term
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