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      vb   , -comes, -coming, -came, -come   mainly intr  
1    copula   to come to be; develop or grow into  
he became a monster     
2    foll by: of; usually used in a question   to fall to or be the lot (of); happen (to)  
what became of him?     
3    tr   (of clothes, etc.) to enhance the appearance of (someone); suit  
that dress becomes you     
4    tr   to be appropriate; befit  
it ill becomes you to complain     
     (Old English becuman to happen; related to Old High German biqueman to come to, Gothic biquiman to appear suddenly)  
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1    alter to, be transformed into, change into, develop into, evolve into, grow into, mature into, metamorphose into, ripen into  
2    embellish, enhance, fit, flatter, grace, harmonize, ornament, set off, suit  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
to become more serious
relax; become less serious or less angry
[Slang] It was just an accident! Come on, lighten up!
go mad; become extremely and uncontrollably angry, often to the point of violence
[Slang];[US];[Fam.] Derives from a series of incidents from 1986 onward in which US Postal Service workers shot and killed managers, fellow workers, and members of the police or general public in acts of mass murder.
become very nervous or anxious especially before an important event or before having to do something difficult
[informal] Ex.: She always gets the jitters before going on stage.
unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional monetary policy has become ineffective.
to become very upset about something, usually something that is not important
Other expression: to get your knickers in a knot
Something or someone that becomes the focus of others' criticism or blame
Something that as soon as it is done becomes decided upon to repeat the next year and years to come. Does not necessarily have to had been done previous years to be defined an instant tradition.
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