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beat around the bush id.
avoid the main topic ; discuss a matter without coming to the point ; to not speak directly/frankly/bluntly about the issue
Ex: Please, stop beating around the bush and get to the point! Also: beat about the bush

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
a strategy video game originary from Japan, published by Nintendo. Now it is very popular everywhere around the world.
The name Pokémo ncomes from the words Pocket Monsters
make a lot of efforts to understand something
expression used to point out that one will eventually face the consequences of his own actions
let the time go by without doing something important, relax, waste time
E.g.: It was a quite evening: we sat around chatting and watching TV.
1.act silly; 2. avoid work
to behave in a pretentious manner
fashionistas poncing around wearing designer earphones
deliberately make things difficult for someone; sabotage
I have no idea; I don't have a clue
[Informal] E.g.: Why was she upset? - Beats me!
management by walking/wandering around; it's a form of management based on frequent informal visits to the subordinates'work area and direct interaction with them
Someone's ability to look and act like whoever is around him or her.
The fictional character of human chameleon Leonard Zelig (in the film "Zelig", 1983), who becomes a celebrity in the 1920s due to his ability to look and act like whoever is around him.
a column of air whirling around and towards a more or less vertical axis of low pressure, which moves along the land or ocean surface
when you are happy, people will want to be around you and share your happiness, but when you are sad, people will avoid you.
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      vb   , beats, beating, beat, beaten, beat  
1    when intr, often follby against, on, etc   to strike with or as if with a series of violent blows; dash or pound repeatedly (against)  
2    tr   to punish by striking; flog  
3    to move or cause to move up and down; flap  
the bird beat its wings heavily     
4    intr   to throb rhythmically; pulsate  
her heart beat fast     
5    tr   to make (one's way) by or as if by blows  
she beat her way out of the crowd     
6    tr; sometimes foll by: up     (Cookery)   to stir or whisk (an ingredient or mixture) vigorously  
7    tr; sometimes foll by: out   to shape, make thin, or flatten (a piece of metal) by repeated blows  
8    tr     (Music)   to indicate (time) by the motion of one's hand, baton, etc., or by the action of a metronome  
9    when tr, sometimes foll by: out   to produce (a sound or signal) by or as if by striking a drum  
10    to sound or cause to sound, by or as if by beating  
beat the drums!     
11    to overcome (an opponent) in a contest, battle, etc  
12    tr; often foll by: back, down, off etc   to drive, push, or thrust  
13    tr   to arrive or finish before (someone or something);anticipate or forestall  
they set off early to beat the rush hour     
14    tr   to form (a path or track) by repeatedly walking or riding over it  
15    to scour (woodlands, coverts, or undergrowth) so as to rouse game for shooting  
16    tr  
Slang   to puzzle or baffle  
it beats me how he can do that     
17    intr     (Physics)   (of sounds or electrical signals) to combine and produce a pulsating sound or signal  
18    intr     (Nautical)   to steer a sailing vessel as close as possible to the direction from which the wind is blowing  
19    tr  
Slang     (chiefly U.S.)   to cheat or defraud  
he beat his brother out of the inheritance     
20    beat about the bush   to avoid the point at issue; prevaricate  
21    beat a retreat   to withdraw or depart in haste  
22    beat it  
Slang   often imperative   to go away  
23    beat one's breast      See       breast       10  
24    beat someone's brains out  
Slang   to kill by knocking severely about the head  
25    beat someone to it  
Informal   to reach a place or achieve an objective before someone else  
26    beat the bounds     (Brit)   (formerly) to define the boundaries of a parish by making a procession around them and hitting the ground with rods  
27    can you beat it or that?  
Slang   an expression of utter amazement or surprise  
28    a stroke or blow  
29    the sound made by a stroke or blow  
30    a regular sound or stroke; throb  
a    an assigned or habitual round or route, as of a policeman or sentry  
b    (as modifier)  
beat police officers     
32    the basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music, usually grouped in twos, threes, or fours  
a    pop or rock music characterized by a heavy rhythmic beat  
b    (as modifier)  
a beat group     
34      (Physics)   one of the regular pulses produced by combining two sounds or electrical signals that have similar frequencies  
35      (Horology)   the impulse given to the balance wheel by the action of the escapement  
36      (Prosody)   the accent, stress, or ictus in a metrical foot  
37      (Nautical)   a course that steers a sailing vessel as close as possible to the direction from which the wind is blowing  
a    the act of scouring for game by beating  
b    the organized scouring of a particular woodland so as to rouse the game in it  
c    the woodland where game is so roused  
39       short for       beatnik  
40      (Fencing)   a sharp tap with one's blade on an opponent's blade to deflect it  
41    modifier, often cap   of, characterized by, or relating to the Beat Generation  
a beat poet, beat philosophy     
42    postpositive  
Slang   totally exhausted  
   See also       beat down       beat up  
     (Old English beatan; related to Old Norse bauta, Old High German bozan)  
  beatable      adj  

beat down  
      vb   adv  
1    tr  
Informal   to force or persuade (a seller) to accept a lower price  
I beat him down three pounds     
2    intr   (of the sun) to shine intensely; be very hot  
Beat Generation  
      n   functioning as sing or pl  
1    members of the generation that came to maturity in the 1950s, whose rejection of the social and political systems of the West was expressed through contempt for regular work, possessions, traditional dress, etc., and espousal of anarchism, communal living, drugs, etc  
2    a group of U.S. writers, notably Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William Burroughs, who emerged in the 1950s  
beat up   Informal  
1    tr, adv   to strike or kick (a person), usually repeatedly, so as to inflict severe physical damage  
2    worn-out; dilapidated  
Bo Diddley beat  
      n   a type of syncopated Black rhythm, frequently used in rock music  
     (C20: named after Bo Diddley (born 1929), US rhythm-and-blues performer and songwriter)  
dead beat  
Informal   tired out; exhausted  
Mersey beat  
a    the characteristic pop music of the Beatles and other groups from Liverpool in the 1960s  
b    (as modifier)  
the Merseybeat years     
wing beat  
      n   a complete cycle of moving the wing by a bird when flying  
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