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1    a support, guide, or locating piece for a rotating or reciprocating mechanical part  
2    foll by: on or upon   relevance (to)  
it has no bearing on this problem     
3    a person's general social conduct, esp. in manners, dress, and behaviour  
a    the act, period, or capability of producing fruit or young  
b    an amount produced; yield  
5    the part of a beam or lintel that rests on a support  
6    anything that carries weight or acts as a support  
7    the angular direction of a line, point, or course measured from true north or south (true bearing), magnetic north or south (magnetic bearing), or one's own position  
8    usually pl   the position or direction, as of a ship, fixed with reference to two or more known points  
9    usually pl   a sense of one's relative position or situation; orientation (esp. in the phrases lose, get, or take one's bearings)  
10      (Heraldry)  
a    a device or emblem on a heraldic shield; charge  
b       another name for       coat of arms  

ball bearing  
1    a bearing consisting of a number of hard steel balls rolling between a metal sleeve fitted over the rotating shaft and an outer sleeve held in the bearing housing, so reducing friction between moving parts  
2    a metal ball, esp. one used in such a bearing  
bearing pedestal  
      n   an independent support for a bearing, usually incorporating a bearing housing  
bearing pile  
      n   a foundation pile that supports weight vertically  
   Compare       sheet pile  
bearing rein  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a rein from the bit to the saddle, designed to keep the horse's head in the desired position,   (Usual U.S. word)    checkrein  
a    the act or process of carrying and giving birth to a child  
b    (as modifier)  
of child-bearing age     
needle bearing  
      n     (Engineering)   an antifriction roller bearing in which long rollers of very small diameter fill the race without a cage to provide spacers between them  
roller bearing  
      n   a bearing in which a shaft runs on a number of hardened-steel rollers held within a cage  
rolling bearing  
      n   any bearing in which the antifriction action depends on the rolling action of balls or rollers  
tapered roller bearing  
      n     (Engineering)   a rolling bearing that uses tapered rollers running in coned races and is able to accept axial thrust as well as providing shaft location  
   Compare       thrust bearing  
thrust bearing  
      n     (Engineering)   a low-friction bearing on a rotating shaft that resists axial thrust in the shaft. Usually it consists of a collar which bears against a ring of well lubricated stationary and sometimes tilting pads  
   Compare       tapered roller bearing  
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1    air, aspect, attitude, behaviour, carriage, demeanour, deportment, manner, mien, posture  
2      (Nautical)   course, direction, point of compass  
3    application, connection, import, pertinence, reference, relation, relevance, significance  
3    inappositeness, inappropriateness, inaptness, inconsequence, irrelevance, irrelevancy, non sequitur  

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