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1    a vessel, usually flat-bottomed and with or without its own power, used for transporting freight, esp. on canals  
2    a vessel, often decorated, used in pageants, for state occasions, etc.  
3    Navy   a boat allocated to a flag officer, used esp. for ceremonial occasions and often carried on board his flagship  
4    Informal and derogatory   any vessel, esp. an old or clumsy one  
5    intr; foll by: into  
Informal   to bump (into)  
6    Informal   to push (someone or one's way) violently  
7    intr; foll by: into or in  
Informal   to interrupt rudely or clumsily  
to barge into a conversation     
8      (Sailing)   to bear down on (another boat or boats) at the start of a race  
9    tr   to transport by barge  
10    intr  
Informal   to move slowly or clumsily  
     (C13: from Old French, from Medieval Latin barga, probably from Late Latin barca a small boat; see barque)  

barge couple  
      n   either of a pair of outside rafters along the gable end of a roof  
barge course  
1    the overhang of the gable end of a roof  
2    a course of bricks laid on edge to form the coping of a wall  
New York State Barge Canal  
      n   a system of inland waterways in New York State, connecting the Hudson River with Lakes Erie and Ontario and, via Lake Champlain, with the St Lawrence. Length: 845 km (525 miles)  
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canal boat, flatboat, lighter, narrow boat, scow  

barge in     
break in, burst in, butt in, infringe, interrupt, intrude, muscle in     (informal)  
barge into     
bump into, cannon into, collide with, hit, push, shove  

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