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1    (in England and elsewhere) barristers collectively  
2      (U.S.)   the legal profession collectively  
3    be called to or go to the Bar     (Brit)   to become a barrister  
4    be called within the Bar     (Brit)   to be appointed as a Queen's Counsel  

anti-roll bar  
      n   a crosswise rubber-mounted bar in the suspension of a motor vehicle, which counteracts the movement downward on one side when cornering  
bar   [1]  
1    a rigid usually straight length of metal, wood, etc., that is longer than it is wide or thick, used esp. as a barrier or as a structural or mechanical part  
a bar of a gate     
2    a solid usually rectangular block of any material  
a bar of soap     
3    anything that obstructs or prevents  
a    an offshore ridge of sand, mud, or shingle lying near the shore and parallel to it, across the mouth of a river, bay, or harbour, or linking an island to the mainland  
b      (U.S. and Canadian)   an alluvial deposit in a stream, river, or lake  
5    a counter or room where alcoholic drinks are served  
6    a counter, room, or establishment where a particular range of goods, food, services, etc., are sold  
a coffee bar, a heel bar     
7    a narrow band or stripe, as of colour or light  
8    a heating element in an electric fire  
9    (in England) the area in a court of law separating the part reserved for the bench and Queen's Counsel from the area occupied by junior barristers, solicitors, and the general public  
   See also       Bar  
10    the place in a court of law where the accused stands during his trial  
the prisoner at the bar     
11    a particular court of law  
12      (Brit)   (in the House of Lords and House of Commons) the boundary where nonmembers wishing to address either House appear and where persons are arraigned  
13    a plea showing that a plaintiff has no cause of action, as when the case has already been adjudicated upon or the time allowed for bringing the action has passed  
14    anything referred to as an authority or tribunal  
the bar of decency     
15      (Also called)    measure     (Music)  
a    a group of beats that is repeated with a consistent rhythm throughout a piece or passage of music. The number of beats in the bar is indicated by the time signature  
b       another word for       bar line  
a      (Brit)   insignia added to a decoration indicating a second award  
b      (U.S)   a strip of metal worn with uniform, esp. to signify rank or as an award for service  
17       a variant spelling of       barre  
18      (Football, etc.)      See       crossbar  
19      (Gymnastics)      See       horizontal bar  
a    part of the metal mouthpiece of a horse's bridle  
b    the space between the horse's teeth in which such a part fits  
21    either of two horny extensions that project forwards and inwards from the rear of the outer layer of a horse's hoof  
22    See crowbar and glazing-bar  
23      (Lacemaking, needlework)      another name for       bride   2  
24      (Heraldry)   an ordinary consisting of a horizontal line across a shield, typically narrower than a fesse, and usually appearing in twos or threes  
25      (Maths)   a superscript line <hbar> placed over a letter symbol to indicate, for example, a mean value or the complex conjugate of a complex number  
26    behind bars   in prison  
27    won't (or) wouldn't have a bar of     (Austral. and N.Z)  
informal   cannot tolerate; dislike  
      vb   , bars, barring, barred   tr  
28    to fasten or secure with a bar  
to bar the door     
29    to shut in or out with or as if with barriers  
to bar the entrances     
30    to obstruct; hinder  
the fallen tree barred the road     
31    usually foll by: from   to prohibit; forbid  
to bar a couple from meeting     
32    usually foll by: from   to keep out; exclude  
to bar a person from membership     
33    to mark with a bar or bars  
34      (Law)   to prevent or halt (an action) by showing that the plaintiff has no cause  
35    to mark off (music) into bars with bar lines  
36    except for  
the best recital bar last night's     
37    bar none   without exception  
     (C12: from Old French barre, from Vulgar Latin barra (unattested) bar, rod, of unknown origin)  
bar   [2]  
      n   a cgs unit of pressure equal to 106 dynes per square centimetre. 1 bar is equivalent to 105 newtons per square metre  
     (C20: from Greek baros weight)  
bar   [3]     (Southwest English)  
1    immunity from being caught or otherwise penalized in a game  
2    a cry for such immunity  
     (variant of barley2)  
      abbrev. for   Browning Automatic Rifle  
      abbrev. for  
1    barometer  
2    barometric  
3    barrel (container or unit of measure)  
4    barrister  
      prefix   (before Jewish patronymic names) son of  
bar billiards  
      n   functioning as sing     (Brit)   a table game in pubs, etc., in which short cues are used to pocket balls into holes scoring various points and guarded by wooden pegs that incur penalties if they are knocked over  
bar chart         
      n      another name for       bar graph  
bar code  
      n     (Commerce)   a machine-readable arrangement of numbers and parallel lines of different widths printed on a package, which can be electronically scanned at a checkout to register the price of the goods and to activate computer stock-checking and reordering  
bar diagram  
      n      another name for       bar graph  
bar girl  
      n     (Chiefly U.S.)   an attractive girl employed by the management of a bar to befriend male customers and encourage them to buy drinks  
bar graph  
      n   a graph consisting of vertical or horizontal bars whose lengths are proportional to amounts or quantities,   (Also called)    bar chart, bar diagram  
Bar Kochba   , Bar Kokhba, Bar Kosba  
      n   Simeon. died 135 a.d. Jewish leader who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Romans in Palestine  
bar line   , bar  
      n     (Music)   the vertical line marking the boundary between one bar and the next  
Bar Mitzvah   sometimes not caps     (Judaism)  
1    (of a Jewish boy) having assumed full religious obligations, being at least thirteen years of age  
2    the occasion, ceremony, or celebration of that event  
3    the boy himself on that day  
     (Hebrew: son of the law)  
bar sinister  
1    (not in heraldic usage) another name for bend sinister  
2    the condition, implication, or stigma of being of illegitimate birth  
capstan bar  
      n   a lever, often wooden, for turning a capstan  
coffee bar  
      n   a café; snack bar  
colour bar  
      n   discrimination against people of a different race, esp. as practised by Whites against Blacks  
crush bar  
      n   a bar at a theatre for serving drinks during the intervals of a play  
double bar  
      n     (Music)   a symbol, consisting of two ordinary bar lines or a single heavy one, that marks the end of a composition or a section within it  
Flinders bar  
      n     (Navigation)   a bar of soft iron mounted on a binnacle to compensate for local magnetism causing error to the compass  
     (C19: named after Matthew Flinders (died 1814), English navigator)  
      n   a supporting or strengthening bar for a glass window, door, etc.,   (Usual U.S. word)    muntin  
heel bar  
      n   a small shop or a counter in a department store where shoes are mended while the customer waits  
horizontal bar  
      n     (Gymnastics)   a raised bar on which swinging and vaulting exercises are performed,   (Also called)    high bar  
inner bar  
      n     (Brit)   all Queen's or King's Counsel collectively  
judder bar  
      n      a N.Z. name for       sleeping policeman  
milk bar  
1    a snack bar at which milk drinks and light refreshments are served  
2    (in Australia) a shop selling, in addition to milk, basic provisions and other items  
outer bar  
      n   (in England) a collective name for junior barristers who plead from outside the bar of the court  
   Compare       Queen's Counsel  
pinch bar  
      n   a crowbar with a lug formed on it to provide a fulcrum  
private bar  
      n     (Brit)   the saloon or lounge bar of a public house,   (Also called)    the private      Compare       public bar  
public bar  
      n     (Brit)   a bar in a public house usually serving drinks at a cheaper price than in the saloon bar,   (Also called)    the public      Compare       private bar  
sand bar  
      n   a ridge of sand in a river or sea, built up by the action of tides, currents, etc., and often exposed at low tide  
singles bar  
      n   a bar or club that is a social meeting place for single people  
slice bar  
      n   an iron bar used for raking out furnaces  
snack bar  
      n   a place where light meals or snacks can be obtained, often with a self-service system  
      n   a horizontal bar on a typewriter that is depressed in order to leave a space between words, letters, etc.  
1    a T-shaped wrench for use with a socket  
2    a metal bar having a T-shaped cross section  
3    a T-shaped bar on a ski tow which skiers hold on to while being pulled up slopes  
4    modifier      another term for       T-strap  
tommy bar  
      n   a short bar used as a lever to provide torque for tightening a box spanner or key  
torsion bar  
      n   a metal bar acting as a torsional spring, esp. as used in the suspensions of some motor vehicles  
wine bar  
      n   a bar in a restaurant, etc., or an establishment that specializes in serving wine and usually food  
wrecking bar  
      n   a short crowbar, forked at one end and slightly angled at the other to make a fulcrum  
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bar graph  
      n   a graph consisting of vertical or horizontal bars whose lengths are proportional to amounts or quantities,   (Also called)    bar chart, bar diagram         

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1    a map designed to aid navigation by sea or air  
2    an outline map, esp. one on which weather information is plotted  
3    a sheet giving graphical, tabular, or diagrammatical information  
4       another name for       graph       1  
5      (Astrology)      another word for       horoscope       3  
6    the charts  
Informal   the lists produced weekly from various sources of the bestselling pop singles and albums or the most popular videos  
7    tr   to make a chart of  
8    tr   to make a detailed plan of  
9    tr   to plot or outline the course of  
10    intr   (of a record or video) to appear in the charts (sense 6)  
     (C16: from Latin, from Greek khartes papyrus, literally: something on which to make marks; related to Greek kharattein to engrave)  
  chartable      adj  

bar chart  
      n      another name for       bar graph  
breakeven chart  
      n     (Accounting)   a graph measuring the value of an enterprise's revenue and costs against some index of its activity, such as percentage capacity. The intersection of the total revenue and total cost curves gives the breakeven point  
control chart  
      n     (Statistics)   a chart on which observed values of a variable are plotted, usually against the expected value of the variable and its allowable deviation, so that excessive variations in the quality, quantity, etc., of the variable can be detected  
flip chart  
      n   a pad, containing large sheets of paper that can be easily turned over, mounted on a stand and used to present reports, data, etc.  
flow chart   , sheet  
      n   a diagrammatic representation of the sequence of operations or equipment in an industrial process, computer program, etc.  
Gantt chart  
      n   a chart showing, in horizontal lines, activity planned to take place during specified periods, which are indicated in vertical bands  
     (C20: named after Henry L. Gantt (1861--1919), US management consultant)  
      n     (Motor racing)   a log of every lap covered by each car in a race, showing the exact position throughout  
organization chart  
      n   a diagram representing the management structure of a company, showing the responsibilities of each department, the relationships of the departments to each other, and the hierarchy of management  
pie chart  
      n   a circular graph divided into sectors proportional to the magnitudes of the quantities represented  
plane chart  
      n   a chart used in plane sailing, in which the lines of latitude and longitude are straight and parallel  
Z chart  
      n     (Statistics)   a chart often used in industry and constructed by plotting on it three series: monthly, weekly, or daily data, the moving annual total, and the cumulative total dating from the beginning of the current year  

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      n   blueprint, diagram, graph, map, plan, table, tabulation  
      vb   delineate, draft, graph, map out, outline, plot, shape, sketch  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
going from one bar to another
bar or counter where drinks are served without limitation after paying a fixed fee
restaurant; bar, pub, cafe that serves also food
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