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balance pipe


      n     (Engineering)   a pipe between two points used to equalize pressure  
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1    a weighing device, generally consisting of a horizontal beam pivoted at its centre, from the ends of which two pans are suspended. The substance to be weighed is placed in one pan and known weights are placed in the other until the beam returns to the horizontal  
   See also       microbalance  
2    an imagined device for events, actions, motives, etc., in relation to each other (esp. in the phrases weigh in the balance, hang in the balance)  
3    a state of equilibrium  
4    something that brings about such a state  
5    equilibrium of the body; steadiness  
to lose one's balance     
6    emotional stability; calmness of mind  
7    harmony in the parts of a whole  
balance in an artistic composition     
8    the act of weighing factors, quantities, etc., against each other  
9    the power to influence or control  
he held the balance of power     
10    something that remains or is left  
let me have the balance of what you owe me     
11      (Accounting)  
a    equality of debit and credit totals in an account  
b    a difference between such totals  
12      (Chem)   the state of a chemical equation in which the number, kind, electrical charges, etc., of the atoms on opposite sides are equal  
13    a balancing movement  
14       short for       spring balance  
15    in the balance   in an uncertain or undecided condition  
16    on balance   after weighing up all the factors  
17    strike a balance   to make a compromise  
18    tr   to weigh in or as if in a balance  
19    intr   to be or come into equilibrium  
20    tr   to bring into or hold in equilibrium  
21    tr   to assess or compare the relative weight, importance, etc., of  
22    tr   to act so as to equalize; be equal to  
23    tr   to compose or arrange so as to create a state of harmony  
24    tr   to bring (a chemical or mathematical equation) into balance  
25    tr     (Accounting)  
a    to compute the credit and debit totals of (an account) in order to determine the difference  
b    to equalize the credit and debit totals of (an account) by making certain entries  
c    to settle or adjust (an account) by paying any money due  
26    intr   (of a business account, balance sheet, etc.) to have the debit and credit totals equal  
27    to match or counter (one's dancing partner or his or her steps) by moving towards and away from him or her  
     (C13: from Old French, from Vulgar Latin bilancia (unattested), from Late Latin bilanx having two scalepans, from bi-1 + lanx scale)  
  balanceable      adj  

      n   the. the constellation Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac  
balance bridge  
      n   another name for bascule bridge (see bascule (sense 1))  
balance of nature  
      n   the stable state in which natural communities of animals and plants exist, maintained by adaptation, competition, and other interactions between members of the community and their nonliving environment  
balance of payments  
      n   the difference over a given time between total payments to foreign nations, arising from imports of goods and services and transfers abroad of capital, interest, grants, etc., and total receipts from foreign nations, arising from exports of goods and services and transfers from abroad of capital, interest, grants, etc.  
balance of power  
1    the distribution of power among countries so that no one nation can seriously threaten the fundamental interests of another  
2    any similar distribution of power or influence  
balance of trade  
      n   the difference in value between total exports and total imports of goods,   (Also called)    visible balance      Compare       invisible balance  
balance pipe  
      n     (Engineering)   a pipe between two points used to equalize pressure  
balance sheet  
      n   a statement that shows the financial position of a business enterprise at a specified date by listing the asset balances and the claims on such assets  
balance weight  
      n     (Engineering)   a weight used in machines to counterbalance a part, as of a crankshaft,   (Also called)    bobweight  
balance wheel  
      n   a wheel oscillating against the hairspring of a timepiece, thereby regulating its beat  
hydrostatic balance  
      n   a balance for finding the weight of an object submerged in water in order to determine the upthrust on it and thus determine its relative density  
invisible balance  
      n     (Economics)   the difference in value between total exports of services plus payment of property incomes from abroad and total imports of services plus payment abroad of property incomes  
   Compare       balance of trade  
off-balance sheet reserve  
      n     (Accounting)   a sum of money or an asset that should appear on a company's balance but does not; hidden reserve  
spring balance   ,   (esp. U.S.)   spring scale  
      n   a device in which an object to be weighed is attached to the end of a helical spring, the extension of which indicates the weight of the object on a calibrated scale  
torsion balance  
      n   an instrument used to measure small forces, esp. electric or magnetic forces, by the torsion they produce in a thin wire, thread, or rod  
trial balance  
      n     (Book-keeping)   a statement of all the debit and credit balances in the ledger of a double-entry system, drawn up to test their equality  
visible balance  
      n      another name for       balance of trade  

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1    level, librate, match, parallel, poise, stabilize, steady  
2    adjust, compensate for, counteract, counterbalance, counterpoise, equalize, equate, make up for, neutralize, offset  
3    assess, compare, consider, deliberate, estimate, evaluate, weigh  
4    calculate, compute, settle, square, tally, total  
5    correspondence, equilibrium, equipoise, equity, equivalence, evenness, parity, symmetry  
6    composure, equanimity, poise, self-control, self-possession, stability, steadiness  
7    difference, remainder, residue, rest, surplus  
,       vb  
1 & 2    outweigh, overbalance, upset  
5 & 6    disproportion, instability, shakiness, unbalance, uncertainty  

balance sheet     
account, budget, credits and debits, ledger, report, statement  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
A pipe that carries water and pollutants after being used in houses and businesses.
In civil engineering, a headwall is a small retaining wall placed at the inlet or outlet of a stormwater pipe or culvert.
enormous amassment of various wastes that clogs sewer 's pipes
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