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1    to launch a physical assault (against) with or without weapons; begin hostilities (with)  
2    intr   to take the initiative in a game, sport, etc.  
after a few minutes, the team began to attack     
3    tr   to direct hostile words or writings at; criticize or abuse vehemently  
4    tr   to turn one's mind or energies vigorously to (a job, problem, etc.)  
5    tr   to begin to injure or affect adversely; corrode, corrupt, or infect  
rust attacked the metal     
6    tr   to attempt to rape  
7    the act or an instance of attacking  
8    strong criticism or abuse  
an unjustified attack on someone's reputation     
9    an offensive move in a game, sport, etc.  
10    commencement of a task, etc.  
11    any sudden and usually severe manifestation of a disease or disorder  
a heart attack, an attack of indigestion     
12    the attack     (Ball games)   the players in a team whose main role is to attack the opponents' goal or territory  
13      (Music)   decisiveness in beginning a passage, movement, or piece  
14      (Music)   the speed with which a note reaches its maximum volume  
15    an attempted rape  
     (C16: from French attaquer, from Old Italian attaccare to attack, attach, from estaccare to attach, from stacca stake1; compare attach)  
  attackable      adj  
  attacker      n  

angle of attack  
      n   the acute angle between the chord line of an aerofoil and the undisturbed relative airflow,   (Also called)    angle of incidence  
banzai attack  
      n   a mass attack of troops, without concern for casualties, as practised by the Japanese in World War II  
heart attack  
      n   any sudden severe instance of abnormal heart functioning, esp. coronary thrombosis  
impingement attack  
      n     (Metallurgy)   a form of corrosion of metals caused by erosion of the oxide layer by a moving fluid in which there are suspended particles or air bubbles  
panic attack  
      n   an episode of acute and disabling anxiety associated with such physical symptoms as hyperventilation and sweating  
   See also       panic disorder  
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1    aggression, assault, campaign, charge, foray, incursion, inroad, invasion, offensive, onset, onslaught, raid, rush, strike  
2    abuse, blame, calumny, censure, character assassination, criticism, denigration, impugnment, stick     (slang)   vilification  
3    access, bout, convulsion, fit, paroxysm, seizure, spasm, spell, stroke  
4    assail, assault, charge, fall upon, invade, lay into     (informal)   raid, rush, set about, set upon, storm, strike (at)  
5    abuse, berate, bite someone's head off, blame, blast, censure, criticize, excoriate, go for the jugular, have a go (at)     (informal)   impugn, lambast(e), malign, put down, revile, snap someone's head off, tear into     (informal)   vilify  
,       n  
1 & 2    defence, retreat, support, vindication, withdrawal  
      vb   defend, guard, protect, retreat, support, sustain, vindicate, withdraw  

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yell at someone; attack someone verbally or physically
Cyberextortion is online crime threatening to attack a person coupled with demand of illegal gains to stop the attack
[Leg.];[Tech.] online threat to gain illegal gains
Cybersecurity are measures of adopt of technologies, processes and practices aim to protect computers, networks and digital data from attack.
The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international, groups of people or organizations in furtherance of political, social or personal objectives.
[Tech.];[Leg.] The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international community.
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