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1    to draw out or extend or be drawn out or extended in length, area, etc.  
2    to extend or be extended to an undue degree, esp. so as to distort or lengthen permanently  
3    to extend (the limbs, body, etc.)  
4    tr   to reach or suspend (a rope, etc.) from one place to another  
5    tr   to draw tight; tighten  
6    often foll by: out, forward, etc.   to reach or hold (out); extend  
7    intr; usually foll by: over   to extend in time  
the course stretched over three months     
8    intr; foll by: for, over, etc.   (of a region, etc.) to extend in length or area  
9    intr   (esp. of a garment) to be capable of expanding, as to a larger size  
socks that will stretch     
10    tr   to put a great strain upon or extend to the limit  
11    to injure (a muscle, tendon, ligament, etc.) by means of a strain or sprain  
12    tr; often foll by: out   to make do with (limited resources)  
to stretch one's budget     
13    tr  
Informal   to expand or elaborate (a story, etc.) beyond what is credible or acceptable  
that's stretching it a bit     
14    tr; often passive   to extend, as to the limit of one's abilities or talents  
15    Archaic or slang   to hang or be hanged by the neck  
16    stretch a point  
a    to make a concession or exception not usually made  
b    to exaggerate  
17    stretch one's legs   to take a walk, esp. after a period of inactivity  
18    the act of stretching or state of being stretched  
19    a large or continuous expanse or distance  
a stretch of water     
20    extent in time, length, area, etc.  
a    capacity for being stretched, as in some garments  
b    (as modifier)  
stretch pants     
22      (Horse racing)   the section or sections of a racecourse that are straight, esp. the final straight section leading to the finishing line  
23    Slang   a term of imprisonment  
24    at a stretch            (Chiefly Brit)  
a    with some difficulty; by making a special effort  
b    if really necessary or in extreme circumstances  
     (Old English streccan; related to Old Frisian strekka, Old High German strecken; see straight, strake)  
  stretchable      adj  
  stretchability      n  
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1    cover, extend, put forth, reach, spread, unfold, unroll  
2    distend, draw out, elongate, expand, inflate, lengthen, pull, pull out of shape, rack, strain, swell, tighten  
3    area, distance, expanse, extent, spread, sweep, tract  
4    bit, period, run, space, spell, stint, term, time  

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at a stretch adv.
in a line, continuously, in quick succession

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