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      vb   mainly tr  
1    to select for and appoint to a post, etc.  
to assign an expert to the job     
2    to give out or allot (a task, problem, etc.)  
to assign advertising to an expert     
3    to set apart (a place, person, time, etc.) for a particular function or event  
to assign a day for the meeting     
4    to attribute to a specified cause, origin, or source; ascribe  
to assign a stone cross to the Vikings     
5    to transfer (one's right, interest, or title to property) to someone else  
6    also intr     (Law)   (formerly) to transfer (property) to trustees so that it may be used for the benefit of creditors  
7      (Military)   to allocate (men or materials) on a permanent basis  
   Compare       attach       6  
8      (Computing)   to place (a value corresponding to a variable) in a memory location  
9      (Law)   a person to whom property is assigned; assignee  
     (C14: from Old French assigner, from Latin assignare, from signare to mark out)  
  assignable      adj  
  assignability      n  
  assignably      adv  
  assigner      n  
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1    appoint, choose, delegate, designate, name, nominate, select  
2    allocate, allot, apportion, consign, distribute, give, give out, grant, make over  
3    appoint, appropriate, determine, fix, set apart, stipulate  
4    accredit, ascribe, attribute, put down  

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