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arc welding


      n   a technique in which metal is welded by heat generated by an electric arc struck between two electrodes or between one electrode and the metal workpiece  
   arc welder             n  
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      n   Sir Frederick Aloysius. 1823--91, New Zealand statesman, born in England: prime minister of New Zealand (1864--65)  

butt weld  
      n      See       butt joint  
      vb   tr   to join (two metal surfaces) without heat by forcing them together so that the oxide films are broken and adhesion occurs  
  cold welding      n  
1    tr   to join (two pieces of metal, esp. in the form of wire or sheet) by one or more small circular welds by means of heat, usually electrically generated, and pressure  
2    a weld so formed  
  spot-welder      n  
weld   [1]  
1    tr   to unite (pieces of metal or plastic) together, as by softening with heat and hammering or by fusion  
2    to bring or admit of being brought into close association or union  
3    a joint formed by welding  
     (C16: variant probably based on past participle of well2 in obsolete sense to boil, heat)  
  weldable      adj  
  weldability      n  
  welder, weldor      n  
  weldless      adj  
weld   [2]   , wold, woald  
1    a yellow dye obtained from the plant dyer's rocket  
2       another name for       dyer's rocket  
     (C14: from Low German; compare Middle Low German walde, waude, Dutch wouw)  

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