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1    something edible, such as soft bread paste, worms, pieces of meat, etc., fixed to a hook or in a trap to attract fish or animals  
2    an enticement; temptation  
3       a variant spelling of       bate   4  
4      (Northern English)  
dialect   food, esp. a packed lunch  
5    Archaic   a short stop for refreshment during a journey  
6    tr   to put a piece of food on or in (a hook or trap)  
7    tr   to persecute or tease  
8    tr   to entice; tempt  
9    tr   to set dogs upon (a bear, etc.)  
10    tr  
Archaic   to feed (a horse), esp. during a break in a journey  
11    intr  
Archaic   to stop for rest and refreshment during a journey  
     (C13: from Old Norse beita to hunt, persecute; related to Old English bætan to restrain, hunt, Old High German beizen)  
The phrase with bated breath is sometimes wrongly spelled with baited breath  
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