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      n   pl   , -ties  
1    often pl   a useful or pleasant facility or service  
a swimming pool was just one of the amenities     
2    the fact or condition of being pleasant or agreeable  
3    usually pl   a social courtesy or pleasantry  
     (C14: from Latin amoenitas pleasantness, from amoenus agreeable)  

amenity bed  
      n   (in Britain) a hospital bed whose occupant receives free treatment but pays for nonmedical advantages, such as privacy,   (Also called (informal))    pay bed  
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1    advantage, comfort, convenience, facility, service  
2    affability, agreeableness, amiability, complaisance, courtesy, mildness, pleasantness     (of situation)   politeness, refinement, suavity  
2    bad manners, discourtesy, impoliteness, incivility, rudeness, ungraciousness  

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