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1    an officer who acts as administrative assistant to a superior officer,   (Abbrevs.)    adjt, adj  
2       short for       adjutant bird  
     (C17: from Latin adjutare to aid)  
  adjutancy      n  

adjutant bird   , stork  
      n   either of two large carrion-eating storks, Leptoptilos dubius or L. javanicus, which are closely related and similar to the marabou and occur in S and SE Asia  
     (so called for its supposedly military gait)  
adjutant general  
      n   pl   , adjutants general  
1      (Brit. army)  
a    a member of the Army Board responsible for personnel and administrative functions  
b    a general's executive officer  
2      (U.S. army)   the adjutant of a military unit with general staff  
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