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ad blocker n.
software designed to prevent advertisements from appearing on web pages
[Comp.] Ex: Aware that using an ad blocker may deprive of revenue the websites I like the most, I use it as a filter to authorize some ads and delete the most agressive and intrusive ones.

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advertising shown before a video on internet
creative translation, translation involving some authoring, like translation of ads
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1    a large solid piece of wood, stone, or other material with flat rectangular sides, as for use in building  
2    any large solid piece of wood, stone, etc., usually having at least one face fairly flat  
3    such a piece on which particular tasks may be done, as chopping, cutting, or beheading  
4      (Also called)    building block   one of a set of wooden or plastic cubes as a child's toy  
5    a form on which things are shaped or displayed  
a wig block     
6    Slang   a person's head (esp. in the phrase knock someone's block off)  
7    do one's block     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
slang   to become angry  
8    a dull, unemotional, or hardhearted person  
9    a large building of offices, flats, etc  
a    a group of buildings in a city bounded by intersecting streets on each side  
b    the area or distance between such intersecting streets  
11      (Austral. and N.Z.)   an area of land for a house, farm, etc  
12      (Austral. and N.Z.)   a log, usually a willow, fastened to a timber base and used in a wood-chopping competition  
13    an area of land, esp. one to be divided for building or settling  
14       See       cylinder block  
a    a piece of wood, metal, or other material having an engraved, cast, or carved design in relief, used either for printing or for stamping book covers, etc  
b      (Brit)   a letterpress printing plate, esp. one mounted type-high on wood or metal  
16    a casing housing one or more freely rotating pulleys  
   See also       block and tackle  
17    on the block     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   up for auction  
18    the act of obstructing or condition of being obstructed, as in sports  
19    an obstruction or hindrance  
20      (Pathol)  
a    interference in the normal physiological functioning of an organ or part  
b       See       heart block  
c       See       nerve block  
21      (Psychol)   a short interruption of perceptual or thought processes  
22    obstruction of an opponent in a sport  
a    a section or quantity, as of tickets or shares, handled or considered as a single unit  
b    (as modifier)  
a block booking, block voting     
a    a stretch of railway in which only one train may travel at a time  
b    (as modifier)  
a block signal     
25    an unseparated group of four or more postage stamps  
   Compare       strip   1       3  
26    a pad of paper  
27      (Computing)   a group of words on magnetic tape treated as a unit of data  
28      (Athletics)      short for       starting block  
29      (Cricket)   a mark made near the popping crease by a batsman to indicate his position in relation to the wicket  
30    a chip off the old block  
Informal   a person who resembles one of his or her parents in behaviour  
      vb   mainly tr  
31    to shape or form (something) into a block  
32    to fit with or mount on a block  
33    to shape by use of a block  
to block a hat     
34    often foll by: up   to obstruct (a passage, channel, etc.) or prevent or impede the motion or flow of (something or someone) by introducing an obstacle  
to block the traffic, to block up a pipe     
35    to impede, retard, or prevent (an action, procedure, etc.)  
36    to stamp (a title, design, etc.) on (a book cover, etc.) by means of a block (see sense 15a.), esp. using gold leaf or other foil  
37    (esp. of a government or central bank) to limit the use or conversion of assets or currency  
38    also intr     (Sport)   to obstruct or impede movement by (an opponent)  
39    intr   to suffer a psychological block  
40    to interrupt a physiological function, as by use of an anaesthetic  
41    also intr     (Cricket)   to play (a ball) defensively  
   See also       block in       block out  
     (C14: from Old French bloc, from Dutch blok; related to Old High German bloh)  
   blocker             n  

      n   any of a class of drugs that prevent the stimulation of alpha receptors, a type of receptor in the sympathetic nervous system, by adrenaline and that therefore cause widening of blood vessels: used in the treatment of high blood pressure  
      n   any of a class of drugs, such as propranolol, that inhibit the activity of the nerves that stimulate secretions of adrenaline and that therefore decrease the activity of the heart: used in the treatment of high blood pressure and angina pectoris  
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