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      vb   tr  
1    to make active or capable of action  
2      (Physics)   to make radioactive  
3      (Chem)  
a    to increase the rate of (a reaction)  
b    to treat (a substance, such as carbon or alumina) so as to increase powers of adsorption  
4      (Physiol)   to prepare by arousal (the body or one of its organs (e.g. the brain)) for action  
5    to purify (sewage) by aeration  
6      (U.S., military)   to create, mobilize, or organize (a unit)  
  activation      n  
  activator      n  
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actuate, animate, arouse, energize, galvanize, get going, impel, initiate, kick-start     (informal)   mobilize, motivate, move, prod, prompt, propel, rouse, set going, set in motion, set off, start, stimulate, stir, switch on, trigger (off), turn on  
   arrest, check, deactivate, halt, impede, stall, stop, terminate, turn off  

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