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1    the act of entering upon or attaining to an office, right, condition, etc.  
2    an increase due to an addition  
3    an addition, as to a collection  
4      (Property law)  
a    an addition to land or property by natural increase or improvement  
b    the owner's right to the increased value of such land  
5      (International law)   the formal acceptance of a convention or treaty  
6    agreement; consent  
7       a less common word for       access       1  
8    tr   to make a record of (additions to a collection)  
  accessional      adj  

accession number  
      n     (Library science)   the number given to record a new addition to a collection  
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1    addition, augmentation, enlargement, extension, increase  
2    assumption, attaining to, attainment of, entering upon, succession     (to a throne, dignity, or office)   taking on, taking over  
3    accedence, acceptance, acquiescence, agreement, assent, concurrence, consent  

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