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      vb   tr  
1    to use incorrectly or improperly; misuse  
2    to maltreat, esp. physically or sexually  
3    to speak insultingly or cruelly to; revile  
4    reflexive   to masturbate  
5    improper, incorrect, or excessive use; misuse  
6    maltreatment of a person; injury  
7    insulting, contemptuous, or coarse speech  
8    an evil, unjust, or corrupt practice  
9       See       child abuse  
10    Archaic   a deception  
     (C14 (vb): via Old French from Latin abusus, past participle of abuti to misuse, from ab-1 + uti to use)  
   abuser             n  

child abuse  
      n   physical, sexual, or emotional ill-treatment or neglect of a child, esp. by those responsible for its welfare  
   See also       nonaccidental injury  
child-abuse register  
      n     (Social welfare)   (in Britain) a list of children deemed to be at risk of abuse or injury from their parents or guardians, compiled and held by a local authority, area health authority, or NSPCC Special Unit,   (Also called)    NAI register  
1    disparagement or misuse of one's own abilities, etc.  
2       a censorious term for       masturbation  
solvent abuse  
      n   the deliberate inhaling of intoxicating fumes given off by certain solvents such as toluene  
   See also       glue-sniffing  
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