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      vb   , abides, abiding, abode, abided  
1    tr   to tolerate; put up with  
2    tr   to accept or submit to; suffer  
to abide the court's decision     
3    intr; foll by: by  
a    to comply (with)  
to abide by the decision     
b    to remain faithful (to)  
to abide by your promise     
4    intr   to remain or continue  
5    intr  
Archaic   to dwell  
6    tr  
Archaic   to await in expectation  
7    tr  
Archaic   to withstand or sustain; endure  
to abide the onslaught     
     (Old English abidan, from a- (intensive) + bidan to wait, bide)  
  abidance      n  
  abider      n  
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1    accept, bear, brook, endure, hack     (slang)   put up with, stand, stomach, submit to, suffer, tolerate  
2    dwell, linger, live, lodge, reside, rest, sojourn, stay, stop, tarry, wait  
3    continue, endure, last, persist, remain, survive  

abide by  
1    acknowledge, agree to, comply with, conform to, follow, obey, observe, submit to, toe the line  
2    adhere to, carry out, discharge, fulfil, hold to, keep to, persist in, stand by  

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