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      n   pl   , pairs  
     (functioning as sing or pl)   , pair         
1    two identical or similar things matched for use together  
a pair of socks     
2    two persons, animals, things, etc., used or grouped together  
a pair of horses, a pair of scoundrels     
3    an object considered to be two identical or similar things joined together  
a pair of trousers     
4    two people joined in love or marriage  
5    a male and a female animal of the same species, esp. such animals kept for breeding purposes  
6      (Parliamentary procedure)  
a    two opposed members who both agree not to vote on a specified motion or for a specific period of time  
b    the agreement so made  
7    two playing cards of the same rank or denomination  
a pair of threes     
8    one member of a matching pair  
I can't find the pair to this glove     
9      (Rowing)      See       pair-oar  
10      (Brit. and U.S.)  
dialect   a group or set of more than two  
11      (Logic, maths)  
a    a set with two members  
b    an ordered set with two members  
12    often foll by: off   to arrange or fall into groups of twos  
13    to group or be grouped in matching pairs  
to pair socks     
14    to join or be joined in marriage; mate or couple  
15    when tr, usually passive     (Parliamentary procedure)   to form or cause to form a pair  
18 members were paired for the last vote        (See also)        pairs  
     (C13: from Old French paire, from Latin paria equal (things), from par equal)  
Like other collective nouns, pair takes a singular or a plural verb according to whether it is seen as a unit or as a collection of two things: the pair are said to dislike each other; a pair of good shoes is essential  
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be a man
jean shorts, a pair of shorts made from denim fabric
[US];[Informal] Blend of "jeans" and "shorts".
a pair of straps used by men for holding up trousers or pants
be under an extreme pressure; be anxious, worried or frightened
sweat excessively
expression referring to a high amount of effort, dedication, endurance for pursuing a cause, achieving a goal
He put blood, sweat and tears in making this movie
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