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Welsh dresser


      n   a sideboard with drawers and cupboards below and open shelves above  
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welsh          , welch  
      vb   intr; often foll by: on  
1    to fail to pay a gambling debt  
2    to fail to fulfil an obligation  
     (C19: of unknown origin)  
  welsher, welcher      n  

Welsh   [1]  
1    of, relating to, or characteristic of Wales, its people, their Celtic language, or their dialect of English  
2    a language of Wales, belonging to the S Celtic branch of the Indo-European family. Welsh shows considerable diversity between dialects  
3    the Welsh   functioning as pl   the natives or inhabitants of Wales collectively,   (Also (rare))    Welch  
     (Old English Welisc, Wælisc; related to wealh foreigner, Old High German walahisc (German welsch), Old Norse valskr, Latin Volcae)  
Welsh   [2]  
      n   a white long-bodied lop-eared breed of pig, kept chiefly for bacon  
Welsh corgi  
      n      another name for       corgi  
Welsh dresser  
      n   a sideboard with drawers and cupboards below and open shelves above  
Welsh harp  
      n   a type of harp in which the strings are arranged in three rows, used esp. for the accompaniment of singing, improvisation on folk tunes, etc.  
Welsh Mountain  
      n   a common breed of small hardy sheep kept mainly in the mountains of Wales  
Welsh mountain pony  
      n   a small sturdy but graceful breed of pony used mostly for riding, originally from Wales  
Welsh poppy  
      n   a perennial W European papaveraceous plant, Meconopsis cambrica, with large yellow flowers  
Welsh rabbit  
      n   a savoury dish consisting of melted cheese sometimes mixed with milk, seasonings, etc., on hot buttered toast,   (Also called)    Welsh rarebit, rarebit  
     (C18: a fanciful coinage; rarebit is a later folk-etymological variant)  
Welsh springer spaniel  
      n      See       springer spaniel  
Welsh terrier  
      n   a wire-haired breed of terrier with a black-and-tan coat  

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