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Prince Albert


      n   a man's double-breasted frock coat worn esp. in the early 20th century  
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1    (in Britain) a son of the sovereign or of one of the sovereign's sons  
2    a nonreigning male member of a sovereign family  
3    the monarch of a small territory, such as Monaco, usually called a principality, that was at some time subordinate to an emperor or king  
4    any sovereign; monarch  
5    a nobleman in various countries, such as Italy and Germany  
6    an outstanding member of a specified group  
a merchant prince     
7      (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   a generous and charming man  
     (C13: via Old French from Latin princeps first man, ruler, chief)  
  princelike      adj  

Black Prince  
      n   the. See Edward (Prince of Wales)  
Bonnie Prince Charlie  
      n   See (Charles Edward) Stuart  
crown prince  
      n   the male heir to a sovereign throne  
merchant prince  
      n   a very wealthy merchant  
Port-au-Prince     (French)  
      n   the capital and chief port of Haiti, in the south on the Gulf of Gonaïves: founded in 1749 by the French; university (1944). Pop.: 846247 (1995 est.)  
      n   full name Prince Rogers Nelson. born 1958, U.S. rock singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His albums include Dirty Mind (1981), Purple Rain (1984), Parade (1986), and Emancipation (1996). He changed his stage name to a symbol and is often referred to as `The Artist formerly known as Prince'  
Prince Albert  
      n   a man's double-breasted frock coat worn esp. in the early 20th century  
prince consort  
      n   the husband of a female sovereign, who is himself a prince  
Prince Edward Island  
      n   an island in the Gulf of St Lawrence that constitutes the smallest Canadian province. Capital: Charlottetown. Pop.: 137200 (1997 est.). Area: 5656 sq. km (2184 sq. miles),   (Abbrev.)    PE  
  Prince Edward Islander      n  
Prince of Darkness  
      n      another name for       Satan  
Prince of Peace  
      n     (Bible)   the future Messiah (Isaiah 9:6): held by Christians to be Christ  
Prince of Wales   [1]  
      n   the eldest son and heir apparent of the British sovereign  
Prince of Wales   [2]  
      n   Cape. a cape in W Alaska, on the Bering Strait opposite the coast of the extreme northeast of Russia: the westernmost point of North America  
Prince of Wales Island  
1    an island in N Canada, in the Northwest Territories. Area: about 36000 sq. km (14000 sq. miles)  
2    an island in SE Alaska, the largest island in the Alexander Archipelago. Area: about 4000 sq. km (1500 sq. miles)  
3    an island in NE Australia, in N Queensland in the Torres Strait  
4       the former name (until about 1867) of the island of       Penang  
prince regent  
      n   a prince who acts as regent during the minority, disability, or absence of the legal sovereign  
Prince Regent  
      n   George IV as regent of Great Britain and Ireland during the insanity of his father (1811--20)  
prince royal  
      n   the eldest son of a monarch  
Prince Rupert  
      n   a port in W Canada, on the coast of British Columbia: one of the W termini of the Canadian National transcontinental railway. Pop.: 16620 (1991)  
prince's feather  
1    an amaranthaceous garden plant, Amaranthus hybridus hypochondriacus, with spikes of bristly brownish-red flowers  
2    a tall tropical polygonaceous plant, Polygonum orientale, with hanging spikes of pink flowers  

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lord, monarch, potentate, ruler, sovereign  

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