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Poison Dwarf n.
Poisonously vicious person in position of power who is not immediately identified as such. Both sexes. Euphemism.

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1    any substance that can impair function, cause structural damage, or otherwise injure the body  
   Related adj       toxic  
2    something that destroys, corrupts, etc.  
the poison of fascism     
3    a substance that retards a chemical reaction or destroys or inhibits the activity of a catalyst  
4    a substance that absorbs neutrons in a nuclear reactor and thus slows down the reaction. It may be added deliberately or formed during fission  
5    what's your poison?  
Informal   what would you like to drink?  
      vb   tr  
6    to give poison to (a person or animal) esp. with intent to kill  
7    to add poison to  
8    to taint or infect with or as if with poison  
9    foll by: against   to turn (a person's mind) against  
he poisoned her mind against me     
10    to retard or stop (a chemical or nuclear reaction) by the action of a poison  
11    to inhibit or destroy (the activity of a catalyst) by the action of a poison  
     (C13: from Old French puison potion, from Latin potio a drink, esp. a poisonous one, from potare to drink)  
  poisoner      n  

neutron poison  
      n     (Physics)   a nonfissionable material used to absorb neutrons and thus to control nuclear reactions  
poison dogwood   , elder  
      n      other names for       poison sumach  
poison gas  
      n   a gaseous substance, such as chlorine, phosgene, or lewisite, used in warfare to kill or harm  
poison hemlock  
      n      the U.S. name for       hemlock       1  
poison ivy  
      n   any of several North American anacardiaceous shrubs or vines of the genus Rhus (or Toxicodendron), esp. R. radicans, which has small green flowers and whitish berries that cause an itching rash on contact  
   See also       sumach       1  
poison oak  
1    either of two North American anacardiaceous shrubs, Rhus toxicodendron or R. diversiloba, that are related to the poison ivy and cause a similar rash  
   See also       sumach       1  
2    not in technical use      another name for       poison ivy  
poison-pen letter  
      n   a letter written in malice, usually anonymously, and intended to abuse, frighten, or insult the recipient  
poison pill  
      n     (Finance)   a tactic used by a company fearing an unwelcome takeover bid, in which the value of the company is automatically reduced, as by the sale of an issue of shares having an option unfavourable to the bidders, if the bid is successful  
poison sumach  
      n   an anacardiaceous swamp shrub, Rhus (or Toxicodendron) vernix of the southeastern U.S., that has greenish-white berries and causes an itching rash on contact with the skin,   (Also called)    poison dogwood, poison elder      See also       sumach  
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