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      n   pl  

, pos

  (Brit)      an informal word for       chamber pot  
     (C19: from pot1)  

Fernando Po  
      n      a former name (until 1973) of       Bioko  
Li Po   , Li T'ai-po  
      n   ?700--762 a.d., Chinese poet. His lyrics deal mostly with wine, nature, and women and are remarkable for their imagery  
Li T'ai-po  
      n      See       Li Po  
Po   [1]  
      the chemical symbol for   polonium  
Po   [2]  
      n   a river in N Italy, rising in the Cottian Alps and flowing northeast to Turin, then east to the Adriatic: the longest river in Italy. Length: 652 km (405 miles),   (Latin name)    Padus  
      abbrev. for  
1    Post Office  
2    Personnel Officer  
3    petty officer  
4    Pilot Officer  
5      (Also)    p.o   postal order  
      adj   (of a person) wearing a disapproving stern expression  
     (C20: possibly from po + poker-faced)  
Tzu-po   , Tzepo  
      n      a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for       Zibo  
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