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a    a colonist, explorer, or settler of a new land, region, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  

a pioneer wagon

2    an innovator or developer of something new  
3      (Military)   a member of an infantry group that digs entrenchments, makes roads, etc.  
4      (Ecology)   the first species of plant or animal to colonize an area of bare ground  
5    to be a pioneer (in or of)  
6    tr   to initiate, prepare, or open up  
to pioneer a medical programme     
     (C16: from Old French paonier infantryman, from paon pawn2; see also peon1)  

Pioneer   [1]  
      n   a total abstainer from alcoholic drink, esp. a member of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association, a society devoted to abstention  
Pioneer   [2]  
      n   any of a series of U.S. spacecraft that studied the solar system, esp. Pioneer 10, which made the first flyby of Jupiter (1973), and Pioneer 11, which made the first flyby of Saturn (1979)  
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