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      n   a kingdom in NW Europe, occupying the W part of the Scandinavian peninsula: first united in the Viking age (800--1050); under the rule of Denmark (1523--1814) and Sweden (1814--1905); became an independent monarchy in 1905. Its coastline is deeply indented by fjords and fringed with islands, rising inland to plateaus and mountains. Norway has a large fishing fleet and its merchant navy is among the world's largest. Official language: Norwegian. Official religion: Evangelical Lutheran. Currency: krone. Capital: Oslo. Pop.: 4429000 (1998 est.). Area: 323878 sq. km (125050 sq. miles),   (Norwegian name)    Norge  

Norway lobster  
      n   a European lobster, Nephrops norvegicus, fished for food  
Norway maple  
      n   a large Eurasian maple tree, Acer platanoides, with broad five-lobed pale green leaves  
Norway rat  
      n      another name for       brown rat  
Norway spruce  
      n   a European spruce tree, Picea abies, planted for timber and ornament, having drooping branches and dark green needle-like leaves  
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