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1    1842--1924, English economist, author of Principles of Economics (1890)  
2    George Catlett. 1880--1959, U.S. general and statesman. He was chief of staff of the U.S. army (1939--45) and, as secretary of state (1947--49), he proposed the Marshall Plan (1947), later called the European Recovery Programme: Nobel peace prize 1953  
3    John. 1755--1835, U.S. jurist and statesman. As chief justice of the Supreme Court (1801--35), he established the principles of U.S. constitutional law  
4    Sir John Ross. 1912--88, New Zealand politician; prime minister (1972)  

Marshall Islands  
      pl n   a republic, consisting of a group of 34 coral islands in the W central Pacific: administratively part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (1947--87); status of free association with the U.S. from 1986; consists of two parallel chains, Ralik and Ratak. Official languages: Marshallese and English. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: U.S. dollar. Capital: Majuro. Pop.: 62800 (1998 est.). Area: (land) 181 sq. km (70 sq. miles); (lagoon) 11655 sq. km (4500 sq. miles)  
Marshall Plan  
      n   a programme of U.S. economic aid for the reconstruction of post-World War II Europe (1948--52),   (Official name)    European Recovery Programme  
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