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      n   a name for a lion, used in children's tales, fables, etc.  
     (from Latin: lion)  
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Leo          [2]  
      n   Latin genitive   , Leonis  
1      (Astronomy)   a zodiacal constellation in the N hemisphere, lying between Cancer and Virgo on the ecliptic, that contains the star Regulus and the radiant of the Leonid meteor shower  
2      (Astrology)  
a      (Also called)    the Lion   the fifth sign of the zodiac, symbol <leo>, having a fixed fire classification and ruled by the sun. The sun is in this sign between about July 23 and Aug. 22  
b    a person born during a period when the sun is in this sign  
3      (Astrology)   born under or characteristic of Leo,   (Also (for senses 2b, 3))    Leonian  

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