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! Leap of faith n.
Abandoning something that one has intimate knowledge of for something unknown and probably highly risky to one's well-being.

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
a willingness to believe in the absence of sufficient evidence, or contrary to the evidence.
this could cover all instances of use of the word 'faith'.
go for something, take one's chances
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      vb   , leaps, leaping, leapt, leaped  
1    intr   to jump suddenly from one place to another  
2    intr; often foll by: at   to move or react quickly  
3    tr   to jump over  
4    to come into prominence rapidly  
the thought leapt into his mind     
5    tr   to cause (an animal, esp. a horse) to jump a barrier  
6    the act of jumping  
7    a spot from which a leap was or may be made  
8    the distance of a leap  
9    an abrupt change or increase  
10      (Also called (U.S. and Canadian))    skip     (Music)   a relatively large melodic interval, esp. in a solo part  
11    a leap in the dark   an action performed without knowledge of the consequences  
12    by leaps and bounds   with unexpectedly rapid progress  
     (Old English hleapan; related to Gothic hlaupan, German laufen)  
  leaper      n  

Great Leap Forward  
      n   the. the attempt by the People's Republic of China in 1959--60 to solve the country's economic problems by labour-intensive industrialization  
leap second  
      n   a second added to or removed from a scale for reckoning time on one particular occasion, to synchronize it with another scale  
leap year  
      n   a calendar year of 366 days, February 29 (leap day) being the additional day, that occurs every four years (those whose number is divisible by four) except for century years whose number is not divisible by 400. It offsets the difference between the length of the solar year (365.2422 days) and the calendar year of 365 days  
quantum leap   , jump  
      n   a sudden highly significant advance; breakthrough  
     (C20: from its use in physics meaning the sudden jump of an electron, atom, etc. from one energy level to another)  
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