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! Fresh Fruit Cream Recipe n.
Vini’s CookBook posted new and yummy fruit cream recipe - 1st time Learn Fruit Cream Recipe, How to make Fruit Cream Recipe. Very Healthy and Rich Recipe with uses heavy cream and lots of fruits and some nuts. Check Fresh Fruit Cream Recipe.

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
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something easy to get
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a very creative person; someone who is always able to come up with fresh ideas
something or someone that is regarded as outstanding, extremely good ; the best ; the cream ; the quintessence ; the jewel ; the top ; the bee's knees ; the cat's pyjamas
[UK];[Slang] Refers to the dog's habit of licking its testicles. By extension (and not without humor) the latter probably taste good! Ex: Among their albums,"master of puppets" is likely the dog's bullocks!
a round and sweet fruit with pale, orange-colored skin that comes from a tree of the same name
fleshy part of stone fruits (egg. peaches, plums)
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1    not stale or deteriorated; newly made, harvested, etc.  
fresh bread, fresh strawberries     
2    newly acquired, created, found, etc.  
fresh publications     
3    novel; original  
a fresh outlook     
4    latest; most recent  
fresh developments     
5    further; additional; more  
fresh supplies     
6    not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved  
fresh fruit     
7    (of water) not salt  
8    bright or clear  
a fresh morning     
9    chilly or invigorating  
a fresh breeze     
10    not tired; alert; refreshed  
11    not worn or faded  
fresh colours     
12    having a healthy or ruddy appearance  
13    newly or just arrived; straight  
fresh from the presses     
14    youthful or inexperienced  
15      (Chiefly U.S.)   designating a female farm animal, esp. a cow, that has recently given birth  
16    Informal   presumptuous or disrespectful; forward  
17      (Northern English)  
dialect   partially intoxicated; tipsy  
18    the fresh part or time of something  
19       another name for       freshet  
20    Obsolete   to make or become fresh; freshen  
21    in a fresh manner; freshly  
22    fresh out of  
Informal   having just run out of supplies of  
     (Old English fersc fresh, unsalted; related to Old High German frisc, Old French freis, Old Norse ferskr)  
  freshly      adv  
  freshness      n  

fresh breeze  
      n   a fairly strong breeze of force five on the Beaufort scale  
fresh gale  
      n   a gale of force eight on the Beaufort scale  
      adj   (of fish) newly migrated upstream from the sea, esp. to spawn  
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