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1    the most important festival of the Christian Church, commemorating the Resurrection of Christ: falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox  
2      (Also called)    Easter Sunday, Easter Day   the day on which this festival is celebrated  
3    the period between Good Friday and Easter Monday  
   Related adj       Paschal  
     (Old English eastre, after a Germanic goddess Eostre; related to Old High German ostarun Easter, Old Norse austr to the east, Old Slavonic ustru like summer)  

Easter cactus  
      n   a Brazilian cactus, Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri, widely cultivated as an ornamental for its showy red flowers  
Easter egg  
      n   an egg given to children at Easter, usually a chocolate egg or a hen's egg with its shell painted  
Easter Island  
      n   an isolated volcanic island in the Pacific, 3700 km (2300 miles) west of Chile, of which it is a dependency: discovered on Easter Sunday, 1722; annexed by Chile in 1888; noted for the remains of an aboriginal culture, which includes gigantic stone figures. Pop.: 2000 (1988 est.). Area: 166 sq. km (64 sq. miles),   (Also called)    Rapa Nui  
  Easter Islander      n  
1    functioning as sing      another name for       bistort       1  
2      (Northern English)  
dialect   a pudding made from the young leaves of the bistort  
Easter lily  
      n   any of various lilies, esp. Lilium longiflorum, that have large showy white flowers  
Easter Rising  
      n   an armed insurrection in Dublin in 1916 against British rule in Ireland: the insurgents proclaimed the establishment of an independent Irish republic before surrendering, sixteen of the leaders later being executed  
Easter term  
      n   the term at the Inns of Court following the Hilary term  
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