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      pl n   a mountain range in NE Italy: part of the Alps; formed of dolomitic limestone. Highest peak: Marmolada, 3342 m (10965 ft.)  
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1    a white mineral often tinted by impurities, found in sedimentary rocks and veins. It is used in the manufacture of cement and as a building stone (marble). Composition: calcium magnesium carbonate. Formula: CaMg(CO3)2. Crystal structure: hexagonal (rhombohedral)  
2    a sedimentary rock resembling limestone but consisting principally of the mineral dolomite. It is an important source of magnesium and its compounds, and is used as a building material and refractory  
     (C18: named after Déodat de Dolomieu (1750--1801), French mineralogist)  
  dolomitic      adj  

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