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Dean of Faculty


      n   the president of the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland  
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1    the chief administrative official of a college or university faculty  
2    (at Oxford and Cambridge universities) a college fellow with responsibility for undergraduate discipline  
3      (Chiefly Church of England)   the head of a chapter of canons and administrator of a cathedral or collegiate church  
4      (R.C. Church)   the cardinal bishop senior by consecration and head of the college of cardinals,   (Related adj)        decanal      See also       rural dean  
     (C14: from Old French deien, from Late Latin decanus one set over ten persons, from Latin decem ten)  
  deanship      n  

Dean   [1]  
      n   Forest of. a forest in W England, in Gloucestershire, between the Rivers Severn and Wye: formerly a royal hunting ground  
Dean   [2]  
1       Christopher. See       Torvill and Dean  
2    James (Byron). 1931--55, U.S. film actor, who became a cult figure; his films include East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause (both 1955). He died in a car crash  
Dean of Faculty  
      n   the president of the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland  
dean of guild  
      n   the titular head of the guild or merchant company in a Scots burgh, who formerly exercised jurisdiction over all building in the burgh in the Dean of Guild Court  
rural dean  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a clergyman having authority over a group of parishes  
Torvill and Dean  
      n   two British ice dancers, Jayne Torvill, born 1957, and Christopher Dean, born 1958. They won the world championships in 1981--84, the European championships in 1981--82, 1984, and 1994, and the gold medal in the 1984 Olympic Games  

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