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Cook Inlet


      n   an inlet of the Pacific on the coast of S Alaska: part of the Gulf of Alaska  
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1    to prepare (food) by the action of heat, as by boiling, baking, etc., or (of food) to become ready for eating through such a process  
   Related adj       culinary  
2    to subject or be subjected to the action of intense heat  
the town cooked in the sun     
3    tr  
Slang   to alter or falsify (something, esp. figures, accounts, etc.)  
to cook the books     
4    tr  
Slang   to spoil or ruin (something)  
5    intr  
Slang   to happen (esp. in the phrase what's cooking?)  
6    tr  
Slang   to prepare (any of several drugs) by heating  
7    intr     (Music, slang)   to play vigorously  
the band was cooking     
8    cook someone's goose  
a    to spoil a person's plans  
b    to bring about someone's ruin, downfall, etc.  
9    a person who prepares food for eating, esp. as an occupation,   (See also)        cook up  
     (Old English coc (n), from Latin coquus a cook, from coquere to cook)  
  cookable      adj  

Aorangi-Mount Cook  
      n      the official name for Mount       Cook  
Cook   [1]  
1      (Official name)    Aorangi-Mount Cook   a mountain in New Zealand, in the South Island, in the Southern Alps: the highest peak in New Zealand. Height: 3764 m (12349 ft.)  
2    a mountain in SE Alaska, in the St. Elias Mountains. Height: 4194 m (13760 ft.)  
Cook   [2]  
1    Captain James. 1728--79, British navigator and explorer: claimed the E coast of Australia for Britain, circumnavigated New Zealand, and discovered several Pacific and Atlantic islands (1768--79)  
2    Sir Joseph. 1860--1947, Australian statesman, born in England: prime minister of Australia (1913--14)  
3    Peter (Edward). 1937--95, British comedy actor and writer, noted esp. for his partnership (1960--73) with Dudley Moore  
4    Robin, full name Robert Finlayson Cook. born 1946, British Labour politician; foreign secretary from 1997  
5    Thomas. 1808--92, British travel agent; innovator of conducted excursions and founder of the travel agents Thomas Cook and Son  
      n   a method of food preparation used by caterers, in which cooked dishes are chilled rapidly and reheated as required  
      n   pl   , cooks-general     (Brit)   (formerly, esp. in the 1920s and '30s) a domestic servant who did cooking and housework  
Cook Inlet  
      n   an inlet of the Pacific on the coast of S Alaska: part of the Gulf of Alaska  
Cook Island Maori  
      n     (N.Z)   a dialect of Maori spoken in the Cook Islands  
Cook Islands  
      pl n   a group of islands in the SW Pacific, an overseas territory of New Zealand: consists of the Lower Cooks and the Northern Cooks Capital: Avarua, on Rarotonga. Pop.: 18500 (1994). Area: 234 sq. km (90 sq. miles).  
cook shop  
1      (Brit)   a shop that sells cookery equipment  
2      (U.S.)   a restaurant  
Cook's tour  
Informal   a rapid but extensive tour or survey of anything  
     (C19: after Thomas Cook2)  
Cook Strait  
      n   the strait between North and South Islands, New Zealand. Width: 26 km (16 miles)  
cook up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    Informal   to concoct or invent (a story, alibi, etc.)  
2    to prepare (a meal), esp. quickly  
3    Slang   to prepare (a drug) for use by heating, as by dissolving heroin in a spoon  
4    (in the Caribbean) a dish consisting of mixed meats, rice, shrimps, and sometimes vegetables  
Mount Cook lily  
      n   a large white buttercup, Ranunculus lyallii, of the South Island alpine country of New Zealand,   (Also called)    great mountain buttercup  
      vb   to cook (food) in a pressure cooker  

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cook up     
concoct, contrive, devise, dream up, fabricate, improvise, invent, manufacture, plot, prepare, scheme, trump up  

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In civil engineering, a headwall is a small retaining wall placed at the inlet or outlet of a stormwater pipe or culvert.
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