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Black Prince


      n   the. See Edward (Prince of Wales)  
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1    of the colour of jet or carbon black, having no hue due to the absorption of all or nearly all incident light  
   Compare       white       1  
2    without light; completely dark  
3    without hope or alleviation; gloomy  
the future looked black     
4    very dirty or soiled  
black factory chimneys     
5    angry or resentful  
she gave him black looks     
6    (of a play or other work) dealing with the unpleasant realities of life, esp. in a pessimistic or macabre manner  
black comedy     
7    (of coffee or tea) without milk or cream  
8    causing, resulting from, or showing great misfortune  
black areas of unemployment     
a    wicked or harmful  
a black lie     
b    (in combination)  
10    causing or deserving dishonour or censure  
a black crime     
11    (of the face) purple, as from suffocation  
12      (Brit)   (of goods, jobs, works, etc.) being subject to boycott by trade unionists, esp. in support of industrial action elsewhere  
13    a black colour  
14    a dye or pigment of or producing this colour  
15    black clothing, worn esp. as a sign of mourning  
16      (Chess, draughts)  
a    a black or dark-coloured piece or square  
b    usually cap   the player playing with such pieces  
17    complete darkness  
the black of the night     
18    a black ball in snooker, etc  
19    (in roulette and other gambling games) one of two colours on which players may place even bets, the other being red  
20    in the black   in credit or without debt  
21      (Archery)   a black ring on a target, between the outer and the blue, scoring three points  
22       another word for       blacken  
23    tr   to polish (shoes, etc.) with blacking  
24    tr   to bruise so as to make black  
he blacked her eye     
25    tr     (Brit., Austral., and N.Z.)   (of trade unionists) to organize a boycott of (specified goods, jobs, work, etc.), esp. in support of industrial action elsewhere  
   See also       blackout  
     (Old English blæc; related to Old Saxon blak ink, Old High German blakra to blink)  
  blackish      adj  
  blackishly      adv  
  blackly      adv  
  blackness      n  

Black   [1]  
1    Sometimes derogatory   a member of a dark-skinned race, esp. someone of Negroid or Australoid origin  
2    of or relating to a Black or Blacks  
a Black neighbourhood     
Black   [2]  
1    Sir James (Whyte). born 1924, British biochemist. He discovered beta-blockers and drugs for peptic ulcers: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1988  
2    Joseph. 1728--99, Scottish physician and chemist, noted for his pioneering work on carbon dioxide and heat  
1    (of the skin) discoloured, as from a bruise  
2    feeling pain or soreness, as from a beating  
black and tan  
      n   a mixture of stout or porter and ale  
Black and Tans  
      pl n   the. a specially recruited armed auxiliary police force sent to Ireland in 1921 by the British Government to combat Sinn Féin  
     (name suggested by the colour of their uniforms and the Black and Tans hunt in Munster)  
black-and-tan terrier  
      n      a less common name for       Manchester terrier  
a    a photograph, picture, sketch, etc., in black, white, and shades of grey rather than in colour  
b    (as modifier)  
black-and-white film     
2    the neutral tones of black, white, and intermediate shades of grey  
   Compare       colour       2  
3    in black and white  
a    in print or writing  
b    in extremes  
he always saw things in black and white     
black art  
the      another name for       black magic  
black-backed gull  
      n   either of two common black-and-white European coastal gulls, Larus fuscus (lesser black-backed gull) and L. marinus (great black-backed gull)  
black bass  
      n   any of several predatory North American percoid freshwater game fishes of the genus Micropterus: family Centrarchidae (sunfishes, etc.)  
black bean  
      n   an Australian leguminous tree, Castanospermum australe, having thin smooth bark and yellow or reddish flowers: used in furniture manufacture,   (Also called)    Moreton Bay chestnut  
black bear  
1    American black bear   a bear, Euarctos (or Ursus) americanus, inhabiting forests of North America. It is smaller and less ferocious than the brown bear  
2    Asiatic black bear   a bear, Selenarctos thibetanus, of central and E Asia, whose coat is black with a pale V-shaped mark on the chest  
black beetle  
      n   another name for the oriental cockroach (see cockroach)  
black belt  
1      (Judo, karate, etc.)  
a    a black belt worn by an instructor or expert competitor in the dan grades, usually from first to fifth dan  
b    a person entitled to wear this  
2    the. a region of the southern U.S. extending from Georgia across central Alabama and Mississippi, in which the population contains a large number of Blacks: also noted for its fertile black soil  
black bile  
Archaic   one of the four bodily humours; melancholy  
   See       humour       8  
black bindweed  
      n   a twining polygonaceous European plant, Polygonum convolvulus, with heart-shaped leaves and triangular black seed pods  
black body  
      n     (Physics)   a hypothetical body that would be capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it,   (Also called)    full radiator  
black book  
1    a book containing the names of people to be punished, blacklisted, etc  
2    in someone's black books  
Informal   out of favour with someone  
black bottom  
      n   a dance of the late 1920s that originated in America, involving a sinuous rotation of the hips  
black box  
1    a self-contained unit in an electronic or computer system whose circuitry need not be known to understand its function  
2       an informal name for       flight recorder  
black bread  
      n   a kind of very dark coarse rye bread  
black bryony  
      n   a climbing herbaceous Eurasian plant, Tamus communis, having small greenish flowers and poisonous red berries: family Dioscoreaceae  
black bun  
      n     (Scot)   a very rich dark fruitcake, usually in a pastry case,   (Also called)    currant bun  
      adj     (Brit)   (esp. formerly) (of a worker) clerical or professional, as distinguished from commercial or industrial  
Black Country  
      n   the. the formerly heavily industrialized region of central England, northwest of Birmingham  
Black Death  
      n   the. a form of bubonic plague pandemic in Europe and Asia during the 14th century, when it killed over 50 million people  
   See       bubonic plague  
black diamond  
1       another name for       carbonado   2  
2    usually pl      a figurative expression for       coal  
black disc  
      n   a conventional black vinyl gramophone record as opposed to a compact disc  
black dog  
Informal   depression or melancholy  
black earth  
      n      another name for       chernozem  
black economy  
      n   that portion of the income of a nation that remains illegally undeclared either as a result of payment in kind or as a means of tax avoidance  
black eye  
      n   bruising round the eye  
black-eyed pea  
      n      another name for       cowpea       2  
black-eyed Susan  
1    any of several North American plants of the genus Rudbeckia, esp. R. hirta, having flower heads of orange-yellow rays and brown-black centres: family Compositae (composites)  
2    a tropical African climbing plant, Thunbergia alata, having yellow flowers with purple centres, grown as a greenhouse annual  
black flag  
      n      another name for the       Jolly Roger  
black fly  
      n   any small blackish stout-bodied dipterous fly of the family Simuliidae, which sucks the blood of man, mammals, and birds  
   See also       buffalo gnat  
Black Forest  
      n   the. a hilly wooded region of SW Germany, in Baden-Württemberg: a popular resort area,   (German name)    Schwarzwald  
Black Friar  
      n   a Dominican friar  
black frost  
      n   a frost without snow or rime that is severe enough to blacken vegetation  
black game  
      n      another name for       black grouse       1  
black grouse  
1      (Also called)    black game   a large N European grouse, Lyrurus tetrix, the male of which has a bluish-black plumage and lyre-shaped tail  
2    a related and similar species, Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi, of W Asia  
black guillemot  
      n   a common guillemot, Cepphus grylle: its summer plumage is black with white wing patches and its winter plumage white with greyish wings  
Black Hand  
1    a group of Sicilian blackmailers and terrorists formed in the 1870s and operating in the U.S. in the early 20th century  
2    (in 19th-century Spain) an organization of anarchists  
black heat  
      n   heat emitted by an electric element made from low-resistance thick wire that does not glow red  
Black Hills  
      pl n   a group of mountains in W South Dakota and NE Wyoming: famous for the gigantic sculptures of U.S. presidents on the side of Mount Rushmore Highest peak: Harney Peak, 2207 m (7242 ft.)  
black hole     (Astronomy)  
a    a hypothetical region of space resulting from the gravitational collapse of a star following the exhaustion of its nuclear fuel. The gravitational field around the region would be so high that neither matter nor radiation could escape from it  
b    a similar but much more massive region of space at the centre of a galaxy  
2    any place regarded as resembling a black hole in that items or information entering it cannot be retrieved  
Black Hole of Calcutta  
1    a small dungeon in which in 1756 the Nawab of Bengal reputedly confined 146 English prisoners, of whom only 23 survived  
2    Informal     (chiefly Brit)   any uncomfortable or overcrowded place  
black horehound  
      n   a hairy unpleasant-smelling chiefly Mediterranean plant, Ballota nigra, having clusters of purple flowers: family Labiatae (labiates)  
black ice  
      n   a thin transparent layer of new ice on a road or similar surface  
Black Isle  
      n   the. a peninsula in NE Scotland, in Highland council area, between the Cromarty and Moray Firths  
     (so called because until the late 18th century much of it was uncultivated black moor)  
black japan  
      n   a black bituminous varnish  
black knight  
      n     (Commerce)   a person or firm that makes an unwelcome takeover bid for a company  
   Compare       grey knight       white knight  
black knot  
      n   a fungal disease of plums and cherries caused by Dibotryon morbosum, characterized by rough black knotlike swellings on the twigs and branches  
black lead  
      n      another name for       graphite  
black letter  
      n     (Printing)      another name for       Gothic       10  
black light  
      n   the invisible electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet and infrared regions of the spectrum  
black lung  
      n      another name for       pneumoconiosis  
black magic  
      n   magic used for evil purposes by invoking the power of the devil  
Black Maria  
      n   a police van for transporting prisoners  
black mark  
      n   an indication of disapproval, failure, etc  
black market  
a    any system in which goods or currencies are sold and bought illegally, esp. in violation of controls or rationing  
b    (as modifier)  
black market lamb     
2    the place where such a system operates  
3    to sell (goods) on the black market  
  black marketeer      n  
black mass  
      n   sometimes caps   a blasphemous travesty of the Christian Mass, performed by practitioners of black magic  
black measles  
      pl n   often functioning as sing   a severe form of measles characterized by dark eruptions caused by bleeding under the skin  
black medick  
      n   a small European papilionaceous plant, Medicago lupulina, with trifoliate leaves, small yellow flowers, and black pods,   (Also called)    nonesuch  
black money  
1    that part of a nation's income that relates to its black economy  
2    any money that a person or organization acquires illegally, as by a means that involves tax evasion  
3      (U.S.)   money to fund a government project that is concealed in the cost of some other project  
Black Monk  
      n   a Benedictine monk  
black mould  
      n      another name for       bread mould  
Black Mountain  
      n   the. a mountain range in S Wales, in E Carmarthenshire and W Powys. Highest peak: Carmarthen Van, 802 m (2632 ft.)  
Black Mountains  
      pl n   a mountain range running from N Monmouthshire and SE Powys (Wales) to SW Hereford and Worcester (England). Highest peak: Waun Fach, 811 m (2660 ft.)  
Black Muslim  
      n   (esp. in the U.S.) a member of a political and religious movement of Black people who adopt the religious practices of Islam and seek to establish a new Black nation,   (Official name)    Nation of Islam  
black mustard  
      n   a Eurasian cruciferous plant, Brassica (or Sinapsis) nigra, with clusters of yellow flowers and pungent seeds from which the condiment mustard is made  
black nightshade  
      n   a poisonous solanaceous plant, Solanum nigrum, a common weed in cultivated land, having small white flowers with backward-curved petals and black berry-like fruits  
black opal  
      n   any opal of a dark coloration, not necessarily black  
Black Panther  
      n   (in the U.S.) a member of a militant Black political party founded in 1965 to end the political dominance of Whites  
black pepper  
      n   a pungent condiment made by grinding the dried unripe berries, together with their black husks, of the pepper plant Piper nigrum  
black pine  
      n      See       matai  
black powder  
      n      another name for       gunpowder  
Black Power  
      n   a social, economic, and political movement of Black people, esp. in the U.S., to obtain equality with Whites  
Black Prince  
      n   the. See Edward (Prince of Wales)  
black pudding  
      n   a kind of black sausage made from minced pork fat, pig's blood, and other ingredients,   (Also called)    blood pudding     (Usual U.S. and Canadian name)    blood sausage  
black rat  
      n   a common rat, Rattus rattus: a household pest that has spread from its native Asia to all countries  
Black Rod  
1    (in Britain) an officer of the House of Lords and of the Order of the Garter, whose main duty is summoning the Commons at the opening and proroguing of Parliament  
2    a similar officer in any of certain other legislatures  
black rot  
      n   any of various plant diseases of fruits and vegetables, producing blackening, rotting, and shrivelling and caused by bacteria (including Xanthomonas campestris) and fungi (such as Physalospora malorum)  
black run  
      n     (Skiing)   an extremely difficult run, suitable for expert skiers  
black rust  
      n   a stage in any of several diseases of cereals and grasses caused by rust fungi in which black masses of spores appear on the stems or leaves  
Black Sash  
      n   (formerly, in South Africa) an organization of women opposed to apartheid  
Black Sea  
      n   an inland sea between SE Europe and Asia: connected to the Aegean Sea by the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles, and to the Sea of Azov by the Kerch Strait. Area: about 415000 sq. km (160000 sq. miles),   (Also called)    Euxine Sea     (Ancient name)    Pontus Euxinus  
black section  
      n   (in Britain) an unofficial group within the Labour Party in any constituency that represents the interests of local Black people  
black sheep  
      n   a person who is regarded as a disgrace or failure by his family or peer group  
black spot  
1    a place on a road where accidents frequently occur  
2    any dangerous or difficult place  
3    a disease of roses, Diplocarpon rosae, that causes circular black blotches on the leaves  
black spruce  
      n   a coniferous tree, Picea mariana, of the northern regions of North America, growing mostly in cold bogs and having dark green needles,   (Also called)    spruce pine  
black stump  
1    the     (Austral)   an imaginary marker of the extent of civilization (esp. in the phrase beyond the black stump)  
2      (N.Z.)   a long way off  
black swan  
      n   a large Australian swan, Cygnus atratus, that has a black plumage and red bill  
black tie  
1    a black bow tie worn with a dinner jacket  
2    modifier   denoting an occasion whhen a dinner jacket should be worn,   (Compare)        white tie  
black tracker  
      n     (Austral)   an Aboriginal tracker working for the police  
black treacle  
      n     (Brit)      another term for       treacle       1  
black velvet  
1    a mixture of stout and champagne in equal proportions  
2      (Austral)  
slang   Aboriginal women as sexual partners  
Black Volta  
      n   a river in W Africa, rising in SW Burkina-Faso and flowing northeast, then south into Lake Volta: forms part of the border of Ghana with Burkina-Faso and with the Ivory Coast. Length: about 800 km (500 miles)  
black vomit  
1    vomit containing blood, often a manifestation of disease, such as yellow fever  
2    Informal   yellow fever  
black walnut  
1    a North American walnut tree, Juglans nigra, with hard dark wood and edible oily nuts  
2    the valuable wood of this tree, used for cabinet work  
3    the nut of this tree,   (Compare)        butternut       1--4  
Black Watch  
      n   the. the Royal Highland Regiment in the British army  
     (so called for their dark tartan)  
black whale  
      n      another name for       pilot whale  
black widow  
      n   an American spider, Latrodectus mactans, the female of which is black with red markings, highly venomous, and commonly eats its mate  
carbon black  
      n   a black finely divided form of amorphous carbon produced by incomplete combustion of natural gas or petroleum: used to reinforce rubber and in the manufacture of pigments and ink  
gas black  
      n   finely powdered carbon produced by burning natural gas. It is used as a pigment in paints, etc.  
ivory black  
      n   a black pigment obtained by grinding charred scraps of ivory in oil  
jet black  
a    a deep black colour  
b    (as adj.)  
jet-black hair     
Large Black  
      n   a heavy black breed of pig with long lop ears: used for crossbreeding  
Penny Black  
      n   the first adhesive postage stamp, issued in Britain in 1840; an imperforate stamp bearing the profile of Queen Victoria on a dark background  
1    extremely dark; unlit  
the room was pitch-black     
2    of a deep black colour  
platinum black  
      n     (Chem)   a black powder consisting of very finely divided platinum metal. It is used as a catalyst, esp. in hydrogenation reactions  

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1    coal-black, dark, dusky, ebony, inky, jet, murky, pitchy, raven, sable, starless, stygian, swarthy  
2      (figurative)   atrocious, depressing, dismal, distressing, doleful, foreboding, funereal, gloomy, hopeless, horrible, lugubrious, mournful, ominous, sad, sombre  
3    dingy, dirty, filthy, grimy, grubby, soiled, sooty, stained  
4    angry, furious, hostile, menacing, resentful, sullen, threatening  
5    bad, evil, iniquitous, nefarious, villainous, wicked  
6    ban, bar, blacklist, boycott  
7    in the black      in credit, in funds, solvent, without debt  
1    bright, illuminated, light, lighted, lit, moonlit, sunny  
2    cheerful, happy, warm  
3    clean, pure, white, whitish  
4    amicable, cheerful, friendly, happy, pleased, warm  
5    good, honourable, moral, pure  

black magic     
black art, diabolism, necromancy, sorcery, voodoo, witchcraft, wizardry  
black out  
1    conceal, cover, darken, eclipse, obfuscate, shade  
2    collapse, faint, flake out     (informal)   lose consciousness, pass out, swoon  
black sheep     
bad egg     (old-fashioned informal)   disgrace, dropout, ne'er-do-well, outcast, prodigal, renegade, reprobate, wastrel  
dark, ebony, inky, jet, jet-black, pitch-dark, raven, sable, unlit  

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police van in which prisoners are transported from the police stations to the jails
slang term
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