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1    Princess, the Princess Royal. born 1950, daughter of Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; a noted horsewoman and president of the Save the Children Fund  
2    Queen. 1665--1714, queen of Great Britain and Ireland (1702--14), daughter of James II, and the last of the Stuart monarchs  
3    Saint. (in Christian tradition) the mother of the Virgin Mary. Feast day: July 26 or 25  

Anne Boleyn  
      n      See (Anne)       Boleyn  
Anne of Austria  
      n   1601--66, wife of Louis XIII of France and daughter of Philip III of Spain: regent of France (1643--61) for her son Louis XIV  
Anne of Bohemia  
      n   1366--94, queen consort of Richard II of England  
Anne of Cleves  
      n   1515--57, the fourth wife of Henry VIII of England: their marriage (1540) was annulled after six months  
Anne of Denmark  
      n   1574--1619, wife (from 1589) of James I of England and VI of Scotland  
Lytham Saint Anne's  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , Lytham St Anne's   a resort in NW England, in Lancashire on the Irish Sea. Pop.: 40866 (1991)  
1    a style of furniture popular in England about 1700--20 and in America about 1720--70, characterized by the use of unencumbered curves, walnut veneer, and the cabriole leg  
2    in or of this style  
3    denoting or relating to a style of architecture popular in England during the early 18th century, characterized by red-brick construction with classical ornamentation  
Queen Anne's Bounty  
      n     (Church of England)  
1    a fund formed by Queen Anne in 1704 for the augmentation of the livings of the poorer Anglican clergy. In 1948 the administrators of the fund were replaced by the Church Commissioners for England  
2    the office or board administering this fund  
Queen Anne's lace  
      n      another name for the       wild carrot  
Queen Anne's War  
      n   those conflicts (1702--13) of the War of the Spanish Succession that were fought in North America  
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