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  ( risks    plural & 3rd person present)   ( risking    present participle)   ( risked    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-var   If there is a riskof something unpleasant, there is a possibility that it will happen.  
oft N of n, N that  
There is a small risk of brain damage from the procedure..., In all the confusion, there's a serious risk that the main issues will be forgotten.     
2       n-count   If something that you do is a risk, it might have unpleasant or undesirable results.  
You're taking a big risk showing this to Kravis...     
3       n-count   If you say that something or someone is a risk, you mean they are likely to cause harm.  
usu with supp  
It's being overfat that constitutes a health risk..., The restaurant has been refurbished<endash>it was found to be a fire risk...     
4       n-count   If you are considered a good risk, a bank or shop thinks that it is safe to lend you money or let you have goods without paying for them at the time.  
supp N  
Before providing the cash, they will have to decide whether you are a good or bad risk...     
5       verb   If you risk something unpleasant, you do something which might result in that thing happening or affecting you.  
Those who fail to register risk severe penalties...      V n/-ing  
6       verb   If you risk doing something, you do it, even though you know that it might have undesirable consequences.  
The captain was not willing to risk taking his ship through the straits in such bad weather.      V -ing/n  
7       verb   If you risk your life or something else important, you behave in a way that might result in it being lost or harmed.  
She risked her own life to help a disabled woman...      V n  
8    To be at risk means to be in a situation where something unpleasant might happen.  
at risk      phrase   v-link PHR, oft PHR of n  
Up to 25,000 jobs are still at risk...     
9    If you do something at the risk of something unpleasant happening, you do it even though you know that the unpleasant thing might happen as a result.  
at the risk of sth      phrase   PHR n/-ing  
At the risk of being repetitive, I will say again that statistics are only a guide...     
10    If you tell someone that they are doing something at their own risk, you are warning them that, if they are harmed, it will be their own responsibility.  
at one's own risk      phrase   PHR after v  
Those who wish to come here will do so at their own risk.     
11    If you run the riskof doing or experiencing something undesirable, you do something knowing that the undesirable thing might happen as a result.  
run a risk      phrase   V and N inflect  
The officers had run the risk of being dismissed...     
    to risk your neck  

risk management     
Risk management is the skill or job of deciding what the risks are in a particular situation and taking action to prevent or reduce them.      n-uncount  
Risk-taking means taking actions which might have unpleasant or undesirable results.      n-uncount  
...a more entrepreneurial climate, with positive encouragement of risk-taking and innovation.     
security risk        ( security risks    plural  ) If you describe someone as a security risk, you mean that they may be a threat to the safety of a country or organization.      n-count  
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      n   chance, danger, gamble, hazard, jeopardy, peril, pitfall, possibility, speculation, uncertainty, venture  
      vb   chance, dare, endanger, expose to danger, gamble, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, put in jeopardy, skate on thin ice, take a chance on, take the plunge, venture  

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avoid or at least minimize risks ; choose the safest way in case of doubt
to be on the safe side ; play safe
Cyber intelligence is computer system that tracks, examines and defies the digital security risks.
[Tech.];[Leg.] Cyber intelligence is computer system that tracks, examines and defies the digital security risks.
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