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1       adv   You use quite to indicate that something is the case to a fairly great extent. Quite is less emphatic than `very' and `extremely'.  
ADV adj/adv, ADV a n, ADV before v     (vagueness)    I felt quite bitter about it at the time..., Well, actually it requires quite a bit of work and research..., I was quite a long way away, on the terrace...     
2       adv   You use quite to emphasize what you are saying.  
ADV group, ADV before v     (emphasis)    It is quite clear that we were firing in self defence..., That's a general British failing. In the USA it's quite different...     
3       adv   You use quite after a negative to make what you are saying weaker or less definite.  
with brd-neg, ADV group, ADV before v     (vagueness)    Something here is not quite right..., After treatment he was able to continue but he was never quite the same...     
4       predet   You use quite in front of a noun group to emphasize that a person or thing is very impressive or unusual.  
PREDET a n     (approval)    `Oh, he's quite a character,' Sean replied..., It's quite a city, Boston.     
5       adv   You can say `quite' to express your agreement with someone.  
SPOKEN   ADV as reply     (formulae)    `And if you buy the record it's your choice isn't it.'—`Quite'...     
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1    absolutely, completely, considerably, entirely, fully, in all respects, largely, perfectly, precisely, totally, wholly, without reservation  
2    fairly, moderately, rather, reasonably, relatively, somewhat, to a certain extent, to some degree  
3    in fact, in reality, in truth, really, truly  

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quite a lot
we came in for a fair bit of criticism; I've travelled in Asia a fair bit
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