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     ( prospects    plural & 3rd person present)   ( prospecting          present participle)   ( prospected    past tense & past participle  )
The noun is pronounced prɒspekt, US prɑ:-. The verb is pronounced prəspekt, US prɑ:spekt and is hyphenated pro+spect.     
1       n-var   If there is some prospectof something happening, there is a possibility that it will happen.  
with supp, oft N of n/-ing  
Unfortunately, there is little prospect of seeing these big questions answered..., The prospects for peace in the country's eight-year civil war are becoming brighter..., There is a real prospect that the bill will be defeated in parliament.     
2       n-sing   A particular prospect is something that you expect or know is going to happen.  
usu with supp, oft N of n/-ing  
They now face the prospect of having to wear a cycling helmet by law...     
3       n-plural   Someone's prospects are their chances of being successful, especially in their career.  
usu supp N  
I chose to work abroad to improve my career prospects.     
4       verb   When people prospect for oil, gold, or some other valuable substance, they look for it in the ground or under the sea.  
He had prospected for minerals everywhere from the Gobi Desert to the Transvaal...      V for n  
In fact, the oil companies are already prospecting not far from here.      V  
   prospecting             n-uncount  
He was involved in oil, zinc and lead prospecting.     
  prospector     ( prospectors    plural)    n-count  
The discovery of gold brought a flood of prospectors into the Territories.     
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