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  ( prosecutes    3rd person present)   ( prosecuting    present participle)   ( prosecuted    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If the authorities prosecute someone, they charge them with a crime and put them on trial.  
The police have decided not to prosecute because the evidence is not strong enough...      V  
Photographs taken by roadside cameras will soon be enough to prosecute drivers for speeding...      V n for n  
He is being prosecuted for two criminal offences.      V n for n, Also V n  
2       verb   When a lawyer prosecutes a case, he or she tries to prove that the person who is on trial is guilty.  
The attorney who will prosecute the case says he cannot reveal how much money is involved.      V n  
...the prosecuting attorney.      V-ing  
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1      (Law)   arraign, bring action against, bring suit against, bring to trial, do     (slang)   indict, litigate, prefer charges, put in the dock, put on trial, seek redress, sue, summon, take to court, try  
2    carry on, conduct, direct, discharge, engage in, manage, perform, practise, work at  
3    carry through, continue, follow through, persevere, persist, pursue, see through  

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