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1       adj   Primitive means belonging to a society in which people live in a very simple way, usually without industries or a writing system.  
usu ADJ n  
...studies of primitive societies.     
2       adj   Primitive means belonging to a very early period in the development of an animal or plant.  
...primitive whales..., It is a primitive instinct to flee a place of danger.     
3       adj   If you describe something as primitive, you mean that it is very simple in style or very old-fashioned.,   (Antonym: sophisticated)    It's using some rather primitive technology.     
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a modern version of the popular saying "killing two birds with one stone" derived from the popular video game "angry birds."
1. using copyright law to make a piece of work freely available and allowing its free distribution and modification (as long as its derivate versions follow the same copyright rules)
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