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1       adv   You can use perfectly to emphasize an adjective or adverb, especially when you think the person you are talking to might doubt what you are saying.  
ADV adj/adv     (emphasis)    (=quite)  
There's no reason why you can't have a perfectly normal child..., They made it perfectly clear that it was pointless to go on..., You know perfectly well what happened.     
2       adv   If something is done perfectly, it is done so well that it could not possibly be done better.  
ADV with v  
This adaptation perfectly captures the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut's novel..., The system worked perfectly.     
3       adv   If you describe something as perfectly good or acceptable, you are emphasizing that there is no reason to use or get something else, although other people may disagree.  
ADV adj/adv     (emphasis)    You can buy perfectly good instruments for a lot less.     
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work perfectly performed
When I asked the students to do their homework, they did a bang up job.
Sleek and perfectly groomed or styled. Well put-together.
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