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  ( trials    plural  )
1       n-var   A trial is a formal meeting in a law court, at which a judge and jury listen to evidence and decide whether a person is guilty of a crime.  
New evidence showed the police lied at the trial..., He's awaiting trial in a military court on charges of plotting against the state..., They believed that his case would never come to trial.     
2       n-var   A trial is an experiment in which you test something by using it or doing it for a period of time to see how well it works. If something is on trial   , it is being tested in this way.      
They have been treated with this drug in clinical trials..., The robots have been on trial for the past year...     
3       n-count   If someone gives you a trial for a job, or if you are on trial   , you do the job for a short period of time to see if you are suitable for it.      
usu sing, also on N  
He had just given a trial to a young woman who said she had previous experience...     
4       n-count   If you refer to the trialsof a situation, you mean the unpleasant things that you experience in it.  
usu pl, N of n  
...the trials of adolescence.     
5       n-count   In some sports or outdoor activities, trials are a series of contests that test a competitor's skill and ability.  
usu pl, supp N  
He has been riding in horse trials for less than a year., ...Dovedale Sheepdog Trials.     
6    If you do something bytrial and error, you try several different methods of doing it until you find the method that works properly.  
trial and error      phrase   oft by/through PHR  
Many drugs were found by trial and error...     
7    If someone is on trial   , they are being tried in a court of law.      
on trial             phrase   v-link PHR, PHR after v  
He is currently on trial accused of serious drugs charges...     
8    If you say that someone or something is on trial   , you mean that they are in a situation where people are observing them to see whether they succeed or fail.      
on trial             phrase   v-link PHR, PHR after v  
The President will be drawn into a damaging battle in which his credentials will be on trial.     
9    If someone stands trial, they are tried in court for a crime they are accused of.  
to stand trial      phrase   V inflects, oft PHR for n  
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1    assay, audition, check, dry run     (informal)   examination, experience, experiment, probation, proof, test, testing, test-run  
2    contest, hearing, industrial tribunal, judicial examination, litigation, tribunal  
3    attempt, crack     (informal)   effort, endeavour, go     (informal)   shot     (informal)   stab     (informal)   try, venture, whack     (informal)  
4    adversity, affliction, burden, cross to bear, distress, grief, hardship, hard times, load, misery, ordeal, pain, suffering, tribulation, trouble, unhappiness, vexation, woe, wretchedness  
5    bane, bother, drag     (informal)   hassle     (informal)   irritation, nuisance, pain in the arse     (taboo informal)   pain in the neck     (informal)   pest, plague     (informal)   thorn in one's flesh, vexation  
6    experimental, exploratory, pilot, probationary, provisional, testing  

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